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The Dangers behind Lead Paint

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The Dangers behind Lead Paint | Tri Span Environmental Safety

As a homeowner, you do everything possible to protect your family. Some of the dangers to their well-being are easy to spot. Others, however, are not so obvious. One of these is lead paint. Once a common household item, it’s now recognized as a leading cause of developmental disorders in children. Regrettably, most of the public is unaware of the dangers these toxins pose to growing minds and bodies. read more →

Common Household Fire Hazards

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Common Household Fire Hazards | Orange County Environmental Remediation

As Fall approaches and temperatures decline, people begin to retreat indoors. It is during this time that household fires increase. We at Tri Span Environmental, located in Orange County, California, would like to provide you with safety tips to avoid the most common sources of household fire hazards.

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