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4 Situations Requiring the Services of Environmental Specialists

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Maintaining your home environment free of hazardous substances is critical to keeping you and your family safe and healthy. Here at Tri Span Environmental, we are certified and licensed in the abatement and restoration of your home from all types of harmful materials.

Removal of Lead Paint

The greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas have an ongoing problem with lead paint and potentially contaminated soil. It often goes undiscovered until major areas of older homes begin to be stripped of materials during an innocuous renovation. Removal of lead paint is dangerous due to the inability to avoid exposing it to the air. Lead poisoning can happen through inhalation of the lead dust particles that fill the air. Specialists will have the necessary equipment and protective clothing it takes to safely remove the lead from your home and adjoining soil.

Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Asbestos is a deadly fiber found in older building materials that gained popularity for fire-retardant and insulative qualities. It’s another substance that can harm humans when released into the air and inhaled. The bad thing about asbestos is the long period of time that can go between exposure and illness. If your San Bernardino or Riverside County home is tested to have the presence of asbestos, professional removal by experts at Tri Span will completely eliminate every trace.

Fire and Water Damage

The smallest of house fires in your Los Angeles County home can bring complete chaos to life. It’s hard to plan on what to do to bring normalcy back to each day. The home might be deemed uninhabitable until cleaning and repairs are done. You can call on us at Tri Span to begin to clean up right away and make the plans to begin reconstruction right away.

Complete Mold Removal

Science increasingly backs the health risks associated with mold growth within your living space. A mold problem always begins with tiny spores that enter the home through ventilation, windows, doors, and can attach to clothing when outside. With the right mix of air moisture and an undisturbed space in your Los Angeles area home, mold will attach and begin to reproduce at a fast pace. Complete removal is required to improve the air quality and protect your health.

Call us at Tri Span for any of these problems and we will provide a fast assessment, estimate, and begin bringing complete resolution. We handle environmental cleanup and restoration throughout the Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

How to Safely Clean Soot and Smoke Smell After a Small Fire

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How to Safely Clean Soot and Smoke Smell After a Small Fire | Tri Span Environmental

House fires, whether large or small, can leave a massive amount of clean-up behind. The gritty, greasy feel and strong smoke odor can overwhelm the calmest individual. At times like these, all you want is to bring your life back to a normal state.

Use Adequate Protection

You need to guard your eyes, skin, and lungs against contact with soot after a fire. It can contain high levels of carcinogenic materials that lead to the development of cancer. No matter how small the fire in your Orange or Los Angeles County home was, wear proper protective gear before entering to clean the mess. Use a ventilator mask, gloves, and safety glasses. Make sure you have no substantial areas of exposed skin.

Knowing When to Call In Professional Help

A little bit of vinegar water and baking soda might help with the tiniest of stovetop fires, but the smoke odor can be utterly overwhelming with more massive fires. Walking on the floor can help grind soot deep into carpeting, making the damage much worse. The soot left over has an oily consistency and is hard to remove from many types of surfaces. Tri Span Environmental can come to your aid in Orange County and the Los Angeles County area.

Benefits of Environmental Specialist Smoke Damage Removal

Los Angeles and Orange County environmental specialists like Tri Span Environmental offer helpful services during a stressful time. The needed equipment and cleaners will remove the soot from the surface of the home and get rid of the odors. You can concentrate on getting the required repairs done without the hazards of the residue left behind.

Bringing Life Back to Normal

A backed up chimney or small kitchen fire can send soot and smoke billowing throughout your entire home. Trying to clean up the mess is overwhelming and can damage your health. Utilizing the knowledge of experienced environmental remediation specialists like Tri Span Environmental will put normalcy back into your life quicker and with less frustration. Salvaging as much of your property as possible is the goal.

Contact the smoke damage remediation specialists at Tri Span Environmental no matter how large or small the fire. We will help you put your Orange or Los Angeles County home back in order right away!

5 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Cleanup Your Home After a Fire

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5 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Cleanup Your Home After a Fire | Tri Span Environmental

The fire departments located in Los Angeles and surrounding Counties are quick to respond, but a small fire can have devastating results to all of the furnishings, appliances, and personal items in your home. This is a time that a little expert help can come in handy. Below are five reasons that hiring professional cleanup assistance after a fire is a great idea.

Lung Exposure to Contaminants

House fires in Los Angeles County and Southern California all have a hidden danger. Burnt carpeting, artificial tile, and countertops all leave a residue from the synthetic chemicals contained inside. These chemicals can get on your hands and enter your lungs as you breathe, increasing your risk of some types of lung disease and cancer. Wearing protective gear is not something you will think of after the trauma of a fire in your home. This leaves you and anyone else helping at the mercy of these potent and potentially deadly chemicals.

Mold Growth

Fires are normally extinguished by the Los Angeles County fire department using water, and it could be a literal ton of it. It will completely soak walls, floors, and cupboards. Allowing the area to stay wet promotes the growth of mold. Black mold has been shown to cause a myriad of health problems, especially to those that have existing allergies or asthmatic conditions. It is important to dry the area out as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Salvage Valuable Items

The water sprayed to put out the fire, along with the smoke-filled air will drive soot and ash deep into the fibers of any item. Your drapes, furniture, clothing, wood surfaces, and glass will all be coated with this smelly and messy byproduct of the fire. Immediate cleaning can keep your appliances and furniture from getting permanent stains. It gives you the best option for salvaging valuable and meaningful items.

Begin Restoring Home Value

Taking care of the mess and damage from a fire is the best way to retain your Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, and Riverside County home value. You may be able to actually increase the value by getting the cleanup work done in preparation for renovating the damaged area.

Reduce Stress

Experiencing a fire in your home, no matter how slight the damage, can be stressful. The overwhelming task of getting life back to normal begins with the cleanup process and is not something you have to take on without help. A professional team of experts can help restore order some semblance of while you recover from the traumatic event.

Contact the Southern California fire cleanup specialists at Tri Span Environmental and get a quote today!

Repairing Water Damage after a Fire

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Repairing Water Damage after a Fire | Orange County Tri Span Environmental

A house fire or fire at a business is a devastating experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, the fire itself is only the first problem, because water damage after a fire often causes just as much, or even more, damage than the flames themselves.

Finding a contractor equipped for dealing with both fire and water damage, and getting them on the job fast, is the best solution.

How Water Damages after a Fire is Extinguished

The fire department uses water to extinguish the flames, and this water is delivered at high pressure. All of this water, while necessary for stopping the fire, often sends moisture and streams of water deep into walls, floors, and ceilings. Because it takes many thousands of gallons of water to put-out the average fire, water damage is always part of the aftermath.

Water damage from putting out a fire causes the destruction of sheetrock and plaster on ceilings and walls, and it also soaks into floorboards, plywood, and particleboard underlayment beneath the floors. Drying-out these building components takes special knowledge and equipment, such as high-powered fans and knowing where to locate them for maximum efficiency.

Personal possessions also suffer damages from the flood of water used in extinguishing a fire. Furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, drapes, and artworks can be severely damaged by water as flames are brought under control. Quick action after the fire is the only way of minimizing this damage.

Repairing Water Damage after a Fire

The key to salvaging as much as possible after a fire is in acting quickly. Every hour that goes by after the flames are out increases the damage and reduces the possibility of saving parts of the building and the possessions inside.

One of the biggest dangers is in mold and mildew growing inside walls, under floors, and in crawl spaces long after the fire is out and repairs have been made. Once mold begins growing, getting it under control is difficult and costly.

The solution to recovering from water damage after a fire lies in finding a contracting company specializing in both fire and water damage repairs. When one company handles both the reconstruction from fire damage and the damage from water, you greatly reduce the chances of having any long-lasting effects from fire-caused water damage.

Tri Span Environmental is a company fully equipped for handling both damage from fire and the water used to put it out.

Soot Does Not Suit, Tri Span Environmental Can Help

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Soot Does Not Suit, Tri Span Environmental Can Help | Orange Country Tri Span

One of the issues dealt with during clean up after fire damage is the removal of soot. Soot is a by-product caused by incomplete combustion of fuel during a fire. Southern Californian residents who make their homes in Orange County and Los Angeles County, both regions Tri Span Environmental services, can be exposed to soot in primarily two ways.

Common Exposure to Soot

Soot particles can be found in the air when inefficient unfiltered diesel engines emit carbon particles, which may show on buildings, homes or structures exposed to air shared with freeways and highways. Tri Span can clean up building appearances and restore details of external facades in these situations, but the company’s specialty remains restoration of the second more common scenario.

The more likely situation that Southern California residents will experience is when a fire disaster occurs on site at a home or business. Fires can happen as a result of earthquakes, arson or accidents. Tri Span Environmental’s solution to fire damage is restoration by quality clean up and hazard removal services using the company’s service contractors and practiced professional experts.

Restoration & Cleanup After Home Fires

During the process of restoring a site to its original appearance after a fire, immense cleaning efforts are needed to remove soot and ash from walls, floors, and ceilings. Cleaning fire residue completely also requires the contractor delve deeper than surface areas to reach affected locations such as air ducts, vents, and registers. Removing smells from a damaged location also require checking the machinery that might have been damaged by fire such as those found in climate control equipment like air conditioners.

Appliances with air intakes, such as washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers, once exposed to fire can also require extensive cleaning. Soot and ash can find their way into the smallest of areas and leave a large, costly and long-lasting impact upon residents and businesses after the fire is contained and removed. Tri Span Environmental provides a variety of services to California customers for environmental and hazard clean up efforts. This means that the company is well prepared, practiced and licensed with the appropriate agencies and authorities at the local, state and federal levels.

Residents and businesses in the Orange and Los Angeles Counties can rely upon Tri Span Environmental’s qualifications, professional experience, and specialized tools to properly complete any site restoration and clean up for residential, commercial or industrial properties. Tri Span Environmental is prepared for the job.

Fire Clean Up by Tri Span Environmental: Fast and Feasible

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Fire Clean Up by Tri Span Environmental: Fast and Feasible | Southern California Construction

Tri Span Environmental provides key environmental cleanup services for Orange County residents including fire clean up for clients. Fires can be an overwhelming experience on many levels both personal and professional.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services

Tri Span contractors and crews are competent. Tri Span professionals are ready and able to assist clients with resolving the issues related to environmental clean ups necessary to restore a location to a safe and clean home or work environment.

The scale is a not an issue. Tri Span project managers and teams are practiced at handling large sprawling estates and small personal domiciles in every aspect of clean up details from tiny apartments to grand manses.

Not only does Tri Span have experienced knowledgeable experts on their clean up teams, Tri Span Environmental has the necessary equipment and chemicals with appropriate regulatory material already managed, so the client doesn’t have to deal with any of the smaller details needed for clean up purposes. Tri Span’s methods are modern, effective and safe.

Tri Span crews are also quick and available on demand because fires aren’t a planned event. Tri Span understands the customer’s need to resume normality after the devastation of a home fire as quickly as possible for both home and business reasons.

Removing the Damages Caused by Fires

Effects of fire on a home or workplace are immediately noticeable. Even small fires can cause huge damages quickly. Stagnant water in overhead sprinkler lines can make a smelly mess that if not dried out quickly can invite mold and leave a stench. Tri Span has the tools and capability to minimize or remove those effects.

Fires can also cause smoke damage and leave particles from charring or soot on appliances, walls, floors, and ceilings. Tri Span has the proper means to remove those oily black or yellow residues caused by fire damage and can get the right equipment to filter the air if necessary for a client’s needs.

With Tri Span’s help, a client can expect a return to normal or better air quality from filtration machines designed for environmental clean ups according to local, state and federal clean up ordinances. Tri Span already has experience with environmental clean up regulations and the necessary crews and supplies.

Tri Span professionals perform environmental clean up for residential and commercial properties so people can return to normal lives as quickly as possible after a fire. Tri Span equipment and procedures are fast, fantastic and feasible for client needs.

Cleaning Up After Disastrous Home Fires

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Cleaning Up After Disastrous Home Fires | Orange County Environmental Contractor

No home is exempt from the dangers of a fire in Orange County and the experts at Tri Span Environmental Cleanup has a thorough understanding of this reality. Their team of professionals continues to strive toward adhering to the strict standards the Indoor Environmental Organization and Restoration Industry Organization have both set forth.

In addition to causing excessive damage to your property and all of its contents, a home fire will result in environmental hazards. Even a small fire will produce smoke damage extensive enough that it requires professional services from an environmental cleanup company.
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Common Household Fire Hazards

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Common Household Fire Hazards | Orange County Environmental Remediation

As Fall approaches and temperatures decline, people begin to retreat indoors. It is during this time that household fires increase. We at Tri Span Environmental, located in Orange County, California, would like to provide you with safety tips to avoid the most common sources of household fire hazards.

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