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4 Situations Requiring the Services of Environmental Specialists

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Maintaining your home environment free of hazardous substances is critical to keeping you and your family safe and healthy. Here at Tri Span Environmental, we are certified and licensed in the abatement and restoration of your home from all types of harmful materials.

Removal of Lead Paint

The greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas have an ongoing problem with lead paint and potentially contaminated soil. It often goes undiscovered until major areas of older homes begin to be stripped of materials during an innocuous renovation. Removal of lead paint is dangerous due to the inability to avoid exposing it to the air. Lead poisoning can happen through inhalation of the lead dust particles that fill the air. Specialists will have the necessary equipment and protective clothing it takes to safely remove the lead from your home and adjoining soil.

Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Asbestos is a deadly fiber found in older building materials that gained popularity for fire-retardant and insulative qualities. It’s another substance that can harm humans when released into the air and inhaled. The bad thing about asbestos is the long period of time that can go between exposure and illness. If your San Bernardino or Riverside County home is tested to have the presence of asbestos, professional removal by experts at Tri Span will completely eliminate every trace.

Fire and Water Damage

The smallest of house fires in your Los Angeles County home can bring complete chaos to life. It’s hard to plan on what to do to bring normalcy back to each day. The home might be deemed uninhabitable until cleaning and repairs are done. You can call on us at Tri Span to begin to clean up right away and make the plans to begin reconstruction right away.

Complete Mold Removal

Science increasingly backs the health risks associated with mold growth within your living space. A mold problem always begins with tiny spores that enter the home through ventilation, windows, doors, and can attach to clothing when outside. With the right mix of air moisture and an undisturbed space in your Los Angeles area home, mold will attach and begin to reproduce at a fast pace. Complete removal is required to improve the air quality and protect your health.

Call us at Tri Span for any of these problems and we will provide a fast assessment, estimate, and begin bringing complete resolution. We handle environmental cleanup and restoration throughout the Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

5 Things to Keep Handy In Preparation of a Hazardous Spill

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5 Things to Keep Handy In Preparation of a Hazardous Spill | Tri Span Environmental

Running a fast-paced Los Angeles area business can seem exciting, but it can prove stressful if you handle, store, or use hazardous materials and there is an unexpected spill. At Tri Span Environmental, we understand how stressful these events can be and work hard to alleviate the problem quickly. Below are a few things to keep handy that will make this unpleasant experience less anxiety-filled.

Internal Spill Management Personnel Phone Numbers

Most Orange County area businesses that handle hazardous materials have a protocol in place for dealing with a spill. More than one person is normally delegated to dealing with the details, reporting the necessary information to the required agencies, and gather all facts for internal company record keeping. Make sure you have the phone numbers for these individuals, including after-hours contact information.

Emergency Agency Numbers

You will need to have the local Los Angeles or Orange County fire department come out to help handle containment of large spills. Check that all employees are safe and unharmed. Request an ambulance if you have any doubts.

Paperwork of All Hazardous Materials

Keep the paperwork on all hazardous materials located at your business in a handy location. It will prove useful to show to emergency personnel and a hazmat cleanup crew.

Caution Tape

A large roll of bright yellow caution tape is a must-have item to keep in your office. You can cordon off a wide area to keep anyone from entering the immediate area of a hazardous material spill. It will limit foot traffic to emergency and cleanup crew personnel only.

Notebook for Witness Statements

Take witness statements as early in the event as possible. Memories tend to fade after an event, and you need to gather all the facts you can for internal review. Make sure you have complete names and dates.

Contact Tri Span Environmental if you have experienced a hazardous material spill at your business. We offer fast, affordable services and handle spills throughout the San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles County area.

5 Ways to Prepare for Unexpected Flood Damage

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5 Ways to Prepare for Unexpected Flood Damage | Tri Span Environmental

Few locations in the world are completely safe from the dangers and damage of naturally occurring floods. At Tri Span Environmental, we stand ready to pull unwanted water from your home and keep damage to a minimum.

Understanding the Direct Flood Threat

Not every area of Los Angeles or San Bernardino County are subject to the dangers and damage of flooding on a frequent basis, but unexpected flooding can happen anywhere. Weather chaos has brought about storms that seem to last for days and can suddenly drop inches of rain in a short amount of time. Flash flooding can enter your home and cause a great deal of damage within a few short minutes.

Prepare Your Home During Periods of Flood Threat

Staying weather-aware during seasonal periods likely to bring moisture is the best way to stay on top of the local threat level. Drainage ditch problems in areas like Riverside and Orange Counties can lead to localized street and home flooding. Stay prepared to get sandbags and other helpful instruments to assist in minimizing damage.

Protect Valuable Items and Paperwork

Place all paperwork that is valuable and hard to replace in plastic bags and in a high location to avoid possible floodwaters. Items like jewelry, family pictures, paintings, and other things of value should also be placed up higher if flooding begins.

Have a Family Relocation Plan

Develop a workable plan to get your family together in times of emergency and prepare a relocation destination if this becomes necessary. Always evacuate if it is apparent that it could become a dangerous situation.

Hire Professional Water Removal and Flood Abatement Services Quickly

The key to reducing water damage from flooding is to bring in a professional remediation service to begin water removal as soon as possible. Floodwater abatement can help salvage your personal items, home, and reduce the damage that can happen by allowing water to sit.

Call us at Tri Span Environmental to get immediate relief from water damage. We service Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties.

Eliminate the Hazards of a Crime Scene

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Eliminate the Hazards of a Crime Scene | Tri Span Environmental Cleanup

A crime scene can involve anything from assaults, murder, burglaries, and drug raids. The materials left behind can often be more than unsightly. You could face the unpleasant task of removing biohazard fluids from your Orange and Los Angeles County home or business. At Tri Span Environmental, we are qualified to handle all types of crime scene cleanup detail.

Blood and Biohazard Fluids

Blood and other body fluids that are released from the body after serious trauma from shootings, stabbings, or other means of violent death have to be removed from the surfaces of your Orange or Los Angeles County home or business. Getting rid of biohazard materials is often more than doing a little general cleaning. It will require the removal of items and flooring materials that are stained with blood and other pathogen carrying fluids.

Fingerprint Powder Residue

Burglaries and other crime scenes are often cordoned off until the investigation is completed. The mess left behind of fingerprint powder can make the Orange County residence or business look unkempt. It also stands as a stark reminder of the event that happened. Our crew can have all traces of the fingerprint gathering process removed immediately.

Meth Lab Cleanup

The creation of the drug meth takes place inside home labs, using tremendously dangerous chemicals. If you own a Los Angeles County home that has been discovered to run a meth lab, all chemicals will have to be safely removed and the scene scrubbed for safety.

Pepper Spray Residue

Police raids and arrests many times involve the use of pepper spray. It is a chemical that is incredibly irritating to the eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs. Any leftover residue needs to be cleaned completely off the surfaces to avoid contact with the skin.

Bring the Space Back to Normal

Homeowners and business owners do not always have a say when events unfold and you are left with the mess of a crime scene. It is impossible to predict, but you are in control of finding the right service to clean up the results.

Call us at Tri Span Environmental if you have a crime scene that requires cleaning from your premises. We handle all types of crime scenes throughout the Orange and Los Angeles County areas.

Mold and Your Respiratory Health

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Mold and Your Respiratory Health | Orange County Hazardous Material Abatement

There are many species of mold, and they have been on earth since the beginning of life. Some molds are beneficial, such as the mold species from which the drug penicillin is derived. Other mold is an integral part of cheese making, but there are some species of mold which can cause serious ailments, including a variety of respiratory diseases, when the mold is growing inside a building.

Mold in Buildings Linked to Respiratory Disease

Molds found inside buildings develop where there is moisture. This means bathrooms, laundry areas, areas under the kitchen sink, hot tubs, and spa areas are the most likely places for developing a mold problem. Basements, crawl spaces, and garages are also common places for finding mold growth. Molds can also develop inside air conditioning systems and vents.

Molds produce spores for reproduction, and these dust-like spores become airborne as a means for the mold spreading itself to new locations. When these spores are inhaled or ingested, they can lead to respiratory ailments such as asthma and allergies, especially for some individuals.

Not everyone is affected in the same way when a mold is present in a home or other building, and the presence of mold is not always obvious or detectable by odor. Molds growing inside walls or under floors can still spread spores, even though the mold itself is not visible.

Some people do not experience any reaction to mold, but for other people, exposure to certain species of mold can cause wheezing, coughing, allergic reactions, fatigue, watery eyes, skin disorders, and bring on asthma attacks.

For children, early exposure to mold may make them more susceptible to asthma later in life. Elderly people and people with compromised immune systems are also especially vulnerable to the negative effects of mold growing in a building.

The best ways for preventing mold is by:

  • Having adequate ventilation in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, and spa areas.
  • Quickly repairing leaks in water inlet pipes, drains, roofs, and around windows.
  • Making sure downspouts funnel rainwater away from the building and not allowing it to enter crawl spaces or basements.
  • Keeping indoor humidity at the correct level.

If you suspect mold inside a building is having an effect on your health, contact Tri Span Environmental for a consultation, and find out how you can eliminate mold and its health risks from your environment.

Problems with Mold and Mildew

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Problems with Mold and Mildew | Orange County Hazard Remediation

Mold and mildew are not exactly the same, and understanding the difference is important when remediation is needed.

Both mold and mildew can have serious consequences when they take up residence inside a home or other building. The problems they cause can affect the health and well-being of people, as well as the integrity of the building itself.

Is It Mildew or Mold?

Mildews and molds are different kinds of fungus, and both come in a variety of species. Both of these fungi grow quickly when conditions are humid or moist, which means they are often found in bathrooms, kitchens, and crawl spaces where moisture is present.

In most cases, mildew grows only on the surface of a wall, floor, or ceiling, while molds are capable of extending deeper into the material, making them harder to treat and potentially more harmful.

Mildew is usually white or light grey in color, and molds often appear dark green or black. Mold is what you find on old food in the refrigerator, and mildew more commonly appears only at the surface of whatever material it is growing on.

Because it is restricted to the surface, mildew is easier to get rid of than a mold problem. If the mildew is not extensive, it can often be remediated simply by applying a disinfecting agent to the area.

Molds, on the other hand, are more destructive and extensive in the damage they do, because they are capable of growing deeper into the building material. For example, mold which has gone untreated on framing members in a crawl space or as a result of a leaky drain pipe can destroy the integrity of flooring and framing materials, requiring the complete replacement of these structural elements.

While there are countless species of mold, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports there are five species commonly found causing problems in buildings. These are:

  • Aspergillus, usually found on walls and insulation materials and appearing in many colors,
  • Penicillium which often appears in areas with significant moisture,
  • Alternaria, the most common mold type found in showers, under basins and sinks, and on window frames,
  • Cladosporium, a mold which prefers colder environments,
  • Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as the toxic black mold because it releases a poisonous dust which can cause asthma, allergies, sinus infections, and other serious health problems.

Whatever type of mold or mildew problem you may have, effective solutions are available from Tri Span Environmental.

Recovering After a House Fire

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, there is good news about house fires in the U.S. In 1975 there were over 723,000 such fires, but this figure had dropped by 2015 to 365,500.

Fewer house fires, and less injury, property damage, and death from such fires, is welcome news. Unfortunately, fires in homes are still all too common, and recovering and cleaning up after a fire at home is often a major challenge for individuals and families.

Steps in Recovering from a House Fire

Here is advice from the American Red Cross on what to do first after a house fire:

  • Be attentive to the physical and mental well-being of everyone involved in the fire, especially children, and elderly people. Provide immediate first-aid or medical care followed by emotional support.
  • Keep a close eye on pets and do not let them stray. Placing the pet in the care of family, friends, or a kennel can reduce anxiety for both people and animals.
  • Remember there are many ways the stress of a house fire can affect people in the family, and how each person is affected differs with their temperament and age. Feelings of tiredness, anger, confusion, sadness, and numbness are common, but they usually pass quickly.
  • Discard any food which was exposed during the fire.
  • Let loved ones know you are safe and where you are staying.
  • Do not enter the building until it has been cleared by the Fire Marshal.

Cleaning-Up After a House Fire

After making sure everyone is okay after a fire, it is important to move on quickly to arranging for clean-up. The more time that passes after the fire, the more damage is done to possessions inside the home from smoke and soot.

Water damage is another problem requiring fast action. Water soaked furniture, clothing, floors, and ceilings need removal from the site, ventilation, and cleaning as soon as possible to minimize loss. Once you have permission to enter the building from Fire Department officials, do so only with caution and while wearing work boots and other protective gear. Keep children and pets away from the site during the clean-up and rebuilding process.

Tri Span Environmental is a company with years of experience in Southern California, helping people recover and rebuild their lives and homes after a house fire. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Lead-Based Paint and Renovating Right

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Lead-Based Paint and Renovating Right | Orange County Hazard Abatement

Up until 1978, lead was commonly added to paint and used in over 38 million homes in the U.S. Lead is a naturally occurring metallic mineral and was used in paints as a color additive, for hastening the drying of the paint, and for its water resistant properties.

Unknown at the time was the fact that ingestion of lead leads to serious and permanent damage to the nervous system and brain and other health problems, especially in children. Inspecting for the presence of lead and removing it requires State and Federal certification.

Since 1978 in the U.S., lead has been banned as an additive in paints, but many older buildings still have layers of lead-based paint on walls and ceilings. Often this hazardous mineral is lurking beneath the surface of lead-free paint which has been applied over it. If the surface deteriorates, becomes damaged, or is disturbed during repairs or renovations, lead dust and particles enter the environment and pose a serious long-term health risk.

Renovating the Right Way for Lead Safety

Sellers of homes must now give written notice to buyers and renters informing them of the presence of lead-based paints in the building. Federal laws also require building contractors to provide clients with a pamphlet called “Renovate Right” whenever the work involves removal of over 6 square feet of the wall surface on the inside or 20 square feet on the outside of the building or any work at a child care facility or the removal of any old windows.

Removing old lead-based paint is a job for trained and equipped specialists with state certification in these procedures. The California Department of Public Health now requires certification for anyone involved in any of the following areas of lead abatement work:

  • Inspectors and assessors must have an I/A certificate to take paint chip or soil samples for lead testing, visual inspection of the property, preparation of reports on lead hazard for a specific building, proposals for abatement, and inspection for the lead after abatement work had been done.
  • Sampling Technician certification allows a person to do some of the tasks of an I/A certificate under their supervision.
  • Project Monitor certification is for people who manage construction projects involving lead abatement.
  • Supervisor certification allows the oversight of daily work on the construction site.
  • Worker certification is for laborers, carpenters, and other workers who work on construction sites involving lead removal and abatement.

Tri Span Environmental is a building contractor specializing in certification for all types of lead abatement work.

Litigation and Asbestos

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Litigation and Asbestos | Orange County Hazardous Waste Removal

Orange County Tri Span Environmental Cleanup is easily available to serve residential and commercial clients. One of the ways Tri Span serves clients is by providing transparency in operations of environmental cleanup so the client can understand the necessity of the costs involved. Removal of mold, asbestos and lead contamination require careful considerations and exacting standards to be followed by the company doing the removal. read more →

Tri Span Presents a Basic Overview of How and When Mold Contamination Starts

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Tri Span Presents a Basic Overview of How and When Mold Contamination Starts

Tri Span, a company that offers premier services in environmental cleanup for the Orange County region, specializes in mold recognition. From the beginning of a mold’s growth cycle to the extermination of every last little trace of fungi, Tri Span’s clean up crews can identify every sign of contamination as well as the proper clean up procedure and regulations. read more →