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5 Places Mold Can Develop Due to a Leaking Roof

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5 Places Mold Can Develop Due to a Leaking Roof | Tri Span Environmental

Moisture is one of the main ingredients needed to help encourage the growth of mold in your San Bernardino County area home. Below are five areas that can have mold problems directly related to water infiltration caused by a leaking roof.

Attic Spaces

The attic is the first space the water will try and access after a heavy rain on a leaking roof. Depending on the condition of your Orange County roof, water can pool quickly into the insulation and wood. It’s the perfect area of undisturbed air to begin growing large amounts of mold.

Behind the Siding

Faulty roof eaves and gutters can lead to water getting in behind the siding of your home. Eventually, the mold will become noticeable as it begins growing on the outer surface of the siding of your Riverside County house. The problem is that the mold will begin to invade deeper and deeper into the interior walls of the home.

Interior Walls

If you notice wet areas of wallboard, you might have a building problem from water leaks from the roof. It can run down behind the wallboard and completely soak the insulation, wood, and wall materials. Not only will begin growing mold, but it can cause rot of the structure of your Los Angeles County home.

Beneath Flooring

Serious roof leaks can actually allow enough water to enter behind the walls that it begins to spread out beneath your feet. The entire subfloor can become soaked. It can weaken the floor and cause failure and promotes the growth of mold.

Basements and Crawlspaces

Basements and crawlspaces of Orange County homes are already notorious for feeling damp and smelling slightly moldy. A roof leak will allow even more water to pour in and allow for mold problems to escalate. It can be a serious issue, even if your crawlspace has a dirt floor.

Call us at Tri Span Environmental if you suspect a roof leak is causing mold problems in your Los Angeles County area home. We will locate the mold and expertly remove it from your property.

What Can I Do If My Home Is Fire and Water Damaged?

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What Can I Do If My Home Is Fire and Water Damaged? | Tri Span Environmental

Fire damage is often accompanied by water damage. It’s because the fire department normally has to spray a fair amount of water on the structure to ensure the fire is out. At Tri Span Environmental, we know how devastating these events can be and offer quality services that encompass both problems.

Stay Out of the Home Until It Is Safe to Enter and Retrieve Items

Smoldering areas that have experienced fire have areas that are hot to the touch. You need to stay out of your Los Angeles or Riverside County home until you are told it’s safe to enter and retrieve things or explore the damage. You don’t want to add serious injury to the list of bad things happening. It may require hiring someone to stabilize the structure before you can enter, depending on the extent of the damage.

Protect Your Eyes, Lungs, and Skin

If you do enter the home, cover your mouth and nose with a mask, wear goggles to protect the eyes, and wear long sleeves to keep the soot off your skin. Soot is considered a carcinogen and can contribute to cancer.

Find a Remediation Company That Can Handle Both Problems Simultaneously

You don’t have to hire separate contractors to handle the damage of fire and water typical of many San Bernardino and Orange County home fires. Choose one like Tri Span Environmental that can handle both at the same time.

Remove Water and Fire Damaged Items and Materials

All of the water, water damaged and fire damaged items, or building materials will have to be removed from your Los Angeles home before the actual work of repairs can begin. The sooner this happens, the less the damage will be.

Repairs Are Done to Make It As If It Never Happened

True fire and water remediation services will provide repairs that bring your home back to pre-fire conditions. Everything will be back in place, and it will seem as if the fire never happened. It’s a better way to start over again without feeling as if you’ve lost everything.

Call us at Tri Span Environmental and find out more about our fire and water remediation services. We offer simultaneous services in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County areas.

How Professional Remediation Services Handle a Basement Flood

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How Professional Remediation Services Handle a Basement Flood | Cleanup Services

Opening your basement door and finding that you are looking at a few inches of water covering the floor can be shocking. At Tri Span, we are ready to come out at any moment and help you get this type of situation under control before your Los Angeles home sustains serious water damage.

Stop the Source of the Water Leak

A break in the main water line of your Orange County home can cause your entire basement to flood. It can be stressful knowing that anything stored down there will have some level of water damage. It’s critical to have this problem taken care of quickly to avoid a further problem of mold.

Pump Standing Water from the Basement

Our water damage specialists will start the water removal process right away by pumping any standing water out of the basement. The walls of your Los Angeles basement can become damaged by water if it’s allowed to stay for any length of time.

Remove Any Damaged Storage Items, Wood, or Wall Boards

Finished or semi-finished basements will often have walls added to close off separate areas. Flooding will damage portions of these materials. You may have items stored in cardboard boxes that will have to be removed. Wood stairs can become water damaged and might need to be removed as well.

Dehumidify and Dry the Space

Drying a basement area can take longer than most areas of the home. It’s a typically moist area that retains humidity in the air. We will add the power of dehumidifying to shorten the time it takes for the space to dry.

Repair Any Areas of Water Damage

Any building materials damaged by the water, broken plumbing, and other fixtures will have to be repaired or replaced. Window repair might be necessary if the water intrusion is the result of rainstorm activity through a window access.

Contact us at Tri Span if your Los Angeles home has suffered a basement flood. Water damage must be handled quickly to keep damage from spreading from contaminants like mold. We handle the Los Angeles County and surrounding area.

What to Seek In a Good Environmental Clean-Up Contractor

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What to Seek In a Good Environmental Clean-Up Contractor | Orange County Remediation

You are not alone if your Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, or Orange County business handles hazardous materials, or creates hazardous waste as a part of your industrial processes. It is vital to have a reliable company that can handle any hazardous spills right away and within compliance, levels demanded by the local, state, and federal governments.

Ability to Respond Quickly to an Emergency Spill

If you have an environmental clean-up service you have contracted with in case of spills, the response time will offer minimal delay. Time is critical in getting a spill cleaned and avoid further contamination of the building, equipment, or outdoor environment. Tri-Span Environmental provides a quick response for the entire Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County area.

Reasonable Cost and Billing Structure

You need to have invoicing that is clear, concise and shows you the entire cost breakdown. You need to determine if the costs are within acceptable industry standards. Although it is an essential service, you want to keep your budget in mind.

Excellent Record Keeping and Documentation

Tri Span begins the documentation and record keeping process from the first moment we hit the scene. You never have to worry about any of the crucial details being overlooked. All records of the event and resolution of the spill are kept in confidence and only reach the hands of necessary individuals. We value you and your companies privacy.

Timely Reports Made to the Right Agencies

Filing reports is an essential part of the clean-up process, and it has to get to the right agencies promptly. We demonstrate the ability to work seamlessly with all Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino County, state, and federal agencies.

Provides a Feeling of Confidence and Security

Utilizing an environmental clean-up contractor that is experienced and dependable will help you feel at ease, confident, and secure about conducting everyday business. You know that your business is in good hands when it comes to the potential for hazardous materials and waste spills.

Contact us here at Tri Span and find out why so many businesses in the Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties trust us for all of their hazardous materials and waste spills.

What Are the Health Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

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What Are the Health Dangers of Asbestos Exposure | Tri Span Environmental

Asbestos has long been used as a building material to improve the insulative and fire-retardant qualities of a structure. It quit being used decades ago due to the discovery of the deadly health implication mere exposure brought. Below are a few of the dangers of asbestos exposure.

Inflammation of the Lungs

Constant exposure to asbestos fibers in the air can lead to a condition called asbestosis. The entire lining of the lungs becomes inflamed and swollen. It can make breathing difficult, labored, and painful at times. You end up feeling like you cannot take in enough air, become sluggish, and constantly fatigued. It can cause unexpected fits of coughing. It begins to build up scar tissue in the lungs. The only way to the progression of this ailment is to remove the asbestos from your Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County environment.

Immune System Compromise

Flooding of your immune system with germs, bacteria, and other harmful things happen every day. It always stays ready to fight off things that can cause illness and depletion of the bodies energy reserves. Placing yourself in an environment filled with asbestos particles in the air is asking for immune problems. Your immune system will be bombarded and become fatigued. It will eventually become overwhelmed, and you may begin to experience all types of frequent illnesses.


Mesothelioma is a rarely experienced type of cancer that settles on the lining of the chest cavity. It can affect both the lungs and heart. Typically caused by exposure to asbestos, it does not show noticeable symptoms for as many as 20-years after the exposure. Anyone in the Los Angeles County and surrounding areas can develop this dreaded disease from limited exposure. Mesothelioma is one reason you should never try and remediate asbestos yourself.

Lung Cancer

Cancerous tumors in the lungs are inevitable for anyone experiencing long-term exposure to high levels of asbestos. You should hire a professional remediation service like Tri-Span if you suspect there is asbestos in your business or home. Although there are excellent treatment centers in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, lung cancer still proves disturbingly fatal in many cases.

Contact the asbestos abatement specialists at Tri Span and get an estimate on complete removal of this harmful material today! We provide quality and safe abatement throughout the Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino County areas.

How to Safely Clean Soot and Smoke Smell After a Small Fire

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How to Safely Clean Soot and Smoke Smell After a Small Fire | Tri Span Environmental

House fires, whether large or small, can leave a massive amount of clean-up behind. The gritty, greasy feel and strong smoke odor can overwhelm the calmest individual. At times like these, all you want is to bring your life back to a normal state.

Use Adequate Protection

You need to guard your eyes, skin, and lungs against contact with soot after a fire. It can contain high levels of carcinogenic materials that lead to the development of cancer. No matter how small the fire in your Orange or Los Angeles County home was, wear proper protective gear before entering to clean the mess. Use a ventilator mask, gloves, and safety glasses. Make sure you have no substantial areas of exposed skin.

Knowing When to Call In Professional Help

A little bit of vinegar water and baking soda might help with the tiniest of stovetop fires, but the smoke odor can be utterly overwhelming with more massive fires. Walking on the floor can help grind soot deep into carpeting, making the damage much worse. The soot left over has an oily consistency and is hard to remove from many types of surfaces. Tri Span Environmental can come to your aid in Orange County and the Los Angeles County area.

Benefits of Environmental Specialist Smoke Damage Removal

Los Angeles and Orange County environmental specialists like Tri Span Environmental offer helpful services during a stressful time. The needed equipment and cleaners will remove the soot from the surface of the home and get rid of the odors. You can concentrate on getting the required repairs done without the hazards of the residue left behind.

Bringing Life Back to Normal

A backed up chimney or small kitchen fire can send soot and smoke billowing throughout your entire home. Trying to clean up the mess is overwhelming and can damage your health. Utilizing the knowledge of experienced environmental remediation specialists like Tri Span Environmental will put normalcy back into your life quicker and with less frustration. Salvaging as much of your property as possible is the goal.

Contact the smoke damage remediation specialists at Tri Span Environmental no matter how large or small the fire. We will help you put your Orange or Los Angeles County home back in order right away!

Improving Chemical Safety In the Workplace

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Improving Chemical Safety In the Workplace | Tri Span Environmental Cleanup

Workplace exposure and injury due to chemical hazards are not always preventable, but there are a few measures to take that can improve the outlook. Slight changes are effective when employed and used consistently. Below are a few ways to improve safety around dangerous chemicals.

Proper Use of Personal Protective Gear

Larger companies that deal with chemical hazards in the workplace have a system in place that requires employees to wear personal protective gear (PPG). Protective equipment is designed to keep the eyes, lungs, and skin from coming into contact with chemicals that cause burns, irritations, or have lethal side effects. Medium to smaller sized companies in Orange and surrounding Counties would do well to initiate rules that require the use of PPG when coming into contact with a hazardous chemical, no matter how fleeting the instance.

Workplace Safety Training and Administrative Controls

Lowering the incidences of workplace exposure and injury from hazardous chemicals requires taking a look at the current system in place and looking for needed improvements. Hiring an Orange County service that are experts in hazardous materials is one way to get this done efficiently. You will get a complete assessment that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the current handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. You can make needed upgrades and changes based on professional advisement.

Substitute Hazardous Chemicals

Getting together with Orange County specialists is one way to move towards the possibilities of substituting hazardous chemicals for others that are equally effective, but pose less risk. Combining substitution with better handling and storage methods can improve the safety of your business measurably. Always stay aware of the ingredients of every item that comes to your business. There are industrial cleaners that can be highly toxic. Switching to a more natural product is the most straightforward solution.

Construct Added Safety Features

There are construction methods available that go beyond the requirements of Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County EPA or OSHA rules and regulations. Utilizing the knowledge and skills of a contractor that is familiar with hazardous chemicals and how to make the environment safe is your most potent ally in creating a safer workplace.

Get with the experts at Tri Span for all of your environmental and chemical hazard needs in Orange and all surrounding Counties today!

5 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Cleanup Your Home After a Fire

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5 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Cleanup Your Home After a Fire | Tri Span Environmental

The fire departments located in Los Angeles and surrounding Counties are quick to respond, but a small fire can have devastating results to all of the furnishings, appliances, and personal items in your home. This is a time that a little expert help can come in handy. Below are five reasons that hiring professional cleanup assistance after a fire is a great idea.

Lung Exposure to Contaminants

House fires in Los Angeles County and Southern California all have a hidden danger. Burnt carpeting, artificial tile, and countertops all leave a residue from the synthetic chemicals contained inside. These chemicals can get on your hands and enter your lungs as you breathe, increasing your risk of some types of lung disease and cancer. Wearing protective gear is not something you will think of after the trauma of a fire in your home. This leaves you and anyone else helping at the mercy of these potent and potentially deadly chemicals.

Mold Growth

Fires are normally extinguished by the Los Angeles County fire department using water, and it could be a literal ton of it. It will completely soak walls, floors, and cupboards. Allowing the area to stay wet promotes the growth of mold. Black mold has been shown to cause a myriad of health problems, especially to those that have existing allergies or asthmatic conditions. It is important to dry the area out as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Salvage Valuable Items

The water sprayed to put out the fire, along with the smoke-filled air will drive soot and ash deep into the fibers of any item. Your drapes, furniture, clothing, wood surfaces, and glass will all be coated with this smelly and messy byproduct of the fire. Immediate cleaning can keep your appliances and furniture from getting permanent stains. It gives you the best option for salvaging valuable and meaningful items.

Begin Restoring Home Value

Taking care of the mess and damage from a fire is the best way to retain your Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, and Riverside County home value. You may be able to actually increase the value by getting the cleanup work done in preparation for renovating the damaged area.

Reduce Stress

Experiencing a fire in your home, no matter how slight the damage, can be stressful. The overwhelming task of getting life back to normal begins with the cleanup process and is not something you have to take on without help. A professional team of experts can help restore order some semblance of while you recover from the traumatic event.

Contact the Southern California fire cleanup specialists at Tri Span Environmental and get a quote today!

Fire Clean Up by Tri Span Environmental: Fast and Feasible

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Fire Clean Up by Tri Span Environmental: Fast and Feasible | Southern California Construction

Tri Span Environmental provides key environmental cleanup services for Orange County residents including fire clean up for clients. Fires can be an overwhelming experience on many levels both personal and professional.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services

Tri Span contractors and crews are competent. Tri Span professionals are ready and able to assist clients with resolving the issues related to environmental clean ups necessary to restore a location to a safe and clean home or work environment.

The scale is a not an issue. Tri Span project managers and teams are practiced at handling large sprawling estates and small personal domiciles in every aspect of clean up details from tiny apartments to grand manses.

Not only does Tri Span have experienced knowledgeable experts on their clean up teams, Tri Span Environmental has the necessary equipment and chemicals with appropriate regulatory material already managed, so the client doesn’t have to deal with any of the smaller details needed for clean up purposes. Tri Span’s methods are modern, effective and safe.

Tri Span crews are also quick and available on demand because fires aren’t a planned event. Tri Span understands the customer’s need to resume normality after the devastation of a home fire as quickly as possible for both home and business reasons.

Removing the Damages Caused by Fires

Effects of fire on a home or workplace are immediately noticeable. Even small fires can cause huge damages quickly. Stagnant water in overhead sprinkler lines can make a smelly mess that if not dried out quickly can invite mold and leave a stench. Tri Span has the tools and capability to minimize or remove those effects.

Fires can also cause smoke damage and leave particles from charring or soot on appliances, walls, floors, and ceilings. Tri Span has the proper means to remove those oily black or yellow residues caused by fire damage and can get the right equipment to filter the air if necessary for a client’s needs.

With Tri Span’s help, a client can expect a return to normal or better air quality from filtration machines designed for environmental clean ups according to local, state and federal clean up ordinances. Tri Span already has experience with environmental clean up regulations and the necessary crews and supplies.

Tri Span professionals perform environmental clean up for residential and commercial properties so people can return to normal lives as quickly as possible after a fire. Tri Span equipment and procedures are fast, fantastic and feasible for client needs.

Environmental Cleanup: What Are Your Options?

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Environmental Cleanup: What Are Your Options? | Tri Span Construction

When an environmental cleanup crew performs an assessment on a commercial property, they’re determining if it’s environmental impairment is present. Under some circumstances, soil and groundwater testing become a requirement if concerns arise. If not, a company like Tris Span Environmental Cleanup can remedy to Orange County commercial property. They’ll haul off waste, debris, harmful chemicals, and anything else that could pose a risk to those entering your commercial property. read more →