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5 Ways to Prepare for Unexpected Flood Damage

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5 Ways to Prepare for Unexpected Flood Damage | Tri Span Environmental

Few locations in the world are completely safe from the dangers and damage of naturally occurring floods. At Tri Span Environmental, we stand ready to pull unwanted water from your home and keep damage to a minimum.

Understanding the Direct Flood Threat

Not every area of Los Angeles or San Bernardino County are subject to the dangers and damage of flooding on a frequent basis, but unexpected flooding can happen anywhere. Weather chaos has brought about storms that seem to last for days and can suddenly drop inches of rain in a short amount of time. Flash flooding can enter your home and cause a great deal of damage within a few short minutes.

Prepare Your Home During Periods of Flood Threat

Staying weather-aware during seasonal periods likely to bring moisture is the best way to stay on top of the local threat level. Drainage ditch problems in areas like Riverside and Orange Counties can lead to localized street and home flooding. Stay prepared to get sandbags and other helpful instruments to assist in minimizing damage.

Protect Valuable Items and Paperwork

Place all paperwork that is valuable and hard to replace in plastic bags and in a high location to avoid possible floodwaters. Items like jewelry, family pictures, paintings, and other things of value should also be placed up higher if flooding begins.

Have a Family Relocation Plan

Develop a workable plan to get your family together in times of emergency and prepare a relocation destination if this becomes necessary. Always evacuate if it is apparent that it could become a dangerous situation.

Hire Professional Water Removal and Flood Abatement Services Quickly

The key to reducing water damage from flooding is to bring in a professional remediation service to begin water removal as soon as possible. Floodwater abatement can help salvage your personal items, home, and reduce the damage that can happen by allowing water to sit.

Call us at Tri Span Environmental to get immediate relief from water damage. We service Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties.

Repairing Water Damage after a Fire

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Repairing Water Damage after a Fire | Orange County Tri Span Environmental

A house fire or fire at a business is a devastating experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, the fire itself is only the first problem, because water damage after a fire often causes just as much, or even more, damage than the flames themselves.

Finding a contractor equipped for dealing with both fire and water damage, and getting them on the job fast, is the best solution.

How Water Damages after a Fire is Extinguished

The fire department uses water to extinguish the flames, and this water is delivered at high pressure. All of this water, while necessary for stopping the fire, often sends moisture and streams of water deep into walls, floors, and ceilings. Because it takes many thousands of gallons of water to put-out the average fire, water damage is always part of the aftermath.

Water damage from putting out a fire causes the destruction of sheetrock and plaster on ceilings and walls, and it also soaks into floorboards, plywood, and particleboard underlayment beneath the floors. Drying-out these building components takes special knowledge and equipment, such as high-powered fans and knowing where to locate them for maximum efficiency.

Personal possessions also suffer damages from the flood of water used in extinguishing a fire. Furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, drapes, and artworks can be severely damaged by water as flames are brought under control. Quick action after the fire is the only way of minimizing this damage.

Repairing Water Damage after a Fire

The key to salvaging as much as possible after a fire is in acting quickly. Every hour that goes by after the flames are out increases the damage and reduces the possibility of saving parts of the building and the possessions inside.

One of the biggest dangers is in mold and mildew growing inside walls, under floors, and in crawl spaces long after the fire is out and repairs have been made. Once mold begins growing, getting it under control is difficult and costly.

The solution to recovering from water damage after a fire lies in finding a contracting company specializing in both fire and water damage repairs. When one company handles both the reconstruction from fire damage and the damage from water, you greatly reduce the chances of having any long-lasting effects from fire-caused water damage.

Tri Span Environmental is a company fully equipped for handling both damage from fire and the water used to put it out.

Cleaning Up After Disastrous Home Fires

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Cleaning Up After Disastrous Home Fires | Orange County Environmental Contractor

No home is exempt from the dangers of a fire in Orange County and the experts at Tri Span Environmental Cleanup has a thorough understanding of this reality. Their team of professionals continues to strive toward adhering to the strict standards the Indoor Environmental Organization and Restoration Industry Organization have both set forth.

In addition to causing excessive damage to your property and all of its contents, a home fire will result in environmental hazards. Even a small fire will produce smoke damage extensive enough that it requires professional services from an environmental cleanup company.
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