5 Reasons Lead Paint Encapsulation Is Not the Best Solution

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5 Reasons Lead Paint Encapsulation Is Not the Best Solution | Pasadena Remediation

As tempting as it is to save a few dollars, the health of you, your family, or employees are not worth the risk when it comes to lead paint. The air you breathe in your Pasadena building can become a hazard without taking the right precautions and seeking the best remedies for contaminants that are known to cause serious health issues.

Encapsulation Only Provides a Temporary Fix

No matter what method is used to encapsulate the lead paint surface, it will only provide protection for a few years, at the most. The problem will have to be revisited in your Pasadena home or business as soon as the new coating begins to peel, chip, or gets rubbed away.

Saving Temporary Money Leads to a More Expensive Fix Later

The cost of complete lead paint remediation in Pasadena is not as cheap as encapsulation, but it provides permanent results. Once the encapsulation breaks down, you are stuck with the previous cost of remedy plus the new cost for a complete remediation.

The Lead Paint Surface Must Be In Good Condition

You cannot build over or surface over lead paint that is in bad condition. Any particles that have become loosened can fly through the air and become inhaled or ingested from landing on plates or glasses. It’s not recommended if:

  • Lead paint is cracked or partially gone
  • The wood covered by lead paint is deteriorating
  • You already observe lead paint dust
  • The Lead Paint Is Still There

No amount of encapsulation of lead paint can completely put your mind at ease. The lead paint is still in your closed-in Pasadena building environment. The threat of lead paint dust escaping the encapsulation is a reality unless it’s removed.

Full Disclosure If You Decide to Sell

If you ever have the need to sell your home or business before getting complete lead paint remediation, you must disclose the presence of the hazard to the potential buyer. You can find the value of your Pasadena property seriously drop.

Contact us at Tri Span to discuss your lead paint remediation needs anywhere in the Pasadena area. We will quickly move to get rid of the problem and make your home or business environment a safer place.