5 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Cleanup Your Home After a Fire | Tri Span Environmental

The fire departments located in Los Angeles and surrounding Counties are quick to respond, but a small fire can have devastating results to all of the furnishings, appliances, and personal items in your home. This is a time that a little expert help can come in handy. Below are five reasons that hiring professional cleanup assistance after a fire is a great idea.

Lung Exposure to Contaminants

House fires in Los Angeles County and Southern California all have a hidden danger. Burnt carpeting, artificial tile, and countertops all leave a residue from the synthetic chemicals contained inside. These chemicals can get on your hands and enter your lungs as you breathe, increasing your risk of some types of lung disease and cancer. Wearing protective gear is not something you will think of after the trauma of a fire in your home. This leaves you and anyone else helping at the mercy of these potent and potentially deadly chemicals.

Mold Growth

Fires are normally extinguished by the Los Angeles County fire department using water, and it could be a literal ton of it. It will completely soak walls, floors, and cupboards. Allowing the area to stay wet promotes the growth of mold. Black mold has been shown to cause a myriad of health problems, especially to those that have existing allergies or asthmatic conditions. It is important to dry the area out as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Salvage Valuable Items

The water sprayed to put out the fire, along with the smoke-filled air will drive soot and ash deep into the fibers of any item. Your drapes, furniture, clothing, wood surfaces, and glass will all be coated with this smelly and messy byproduct of the fire. Immediate cleaning can keep your appliances and furniture from getting permanent stains. It gives you the best option for salvaging valuable and meaningful items.

Begin Restoring Home Value

Taking care of the mess and damage from a fire is the best way to retain your Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, and Riverside County home value. You may be able to actually increase the value by getting the cleanup work done in preparation for renovating the damaged area.

Reduce Stress

Experiencing a fire in your home, no matter how slight the damage, can be stressful. The overwhelming task of getting life back to normal begins with the cleanup process and is not something you have to take on without help. A professional team of experts can help restore order some semblance of while you recover from the traumatic event.

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