5 Things to Never Do After a Los Angeles Fire

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5 Things to Never Do After a Los Angeles Fire | Tri Span Environmental

Experiencing a house fire is devastating and stressful. It is hard to know what to do at the moment, but you want to start putting life back together once everything gets to a calm state. Below is an essential list of things to never do after a fire.

Enter the Home While It Is Still Smoldering

The Los Angeles County fire department is pretty good about clearing a home that is on fire and keeping you a safe distance away. Do not try and get back inside to salvage items until they have stated it is safe. Things can remain hot for some time, depending on the size of the fire.

Enter the Home Without Skin and Lung Protection

Grimy soot will coat everything in your home during a fire, no matter how minor. It can contain all sorts of harmful chemicals from burning plastics and synthetic fibers. Cover exposed skin and use gloves and a facemask before entering the home and searching for salvageable items.

Spend a Fortune Salvaging Items You Can Replace Cheaply

Small appliances, area rugs, chairs, pillows, and bedding are all items that you can purchase new at affordable prices all over Los Angeles County. Weigh the cost of cleaning over the value of replacement. It is worth investing the extra money if it is items with great sentimental value. You should get estimates on everything else.

Stay In a Home Before It Is Thoroughly Cleaned

Find an alternative place to stay in the Los Angeles County area after fire until the home is thoroughly cleaned and deemed safe to occupy. Being exposed to the chemical mix with smoke damage can prove harmful, and structures that have areas that are weakened by fire are dangerous.

Attempt to Mask Smoke Damage Using Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint over a wall coated in soot will not get rid of the smoke smell. It might provide great visual camouflage, but the scent will still lurk and irritate. Have a Los Angeles County licensed smoke damage remediation company like Tri Span get rid of the materials and repair areas heavily coated with soot.

Contact Tri Span right away if you have experienced a fire in your home. It is important to begin the process of remediation as soon as possible. We service the entire Los Angeles County area.