A Deeper Look at Earthquake Retrofit Services by Tri Span | Southern California Contracting

Tri Span is an expert in environmental hazard clean-up in the Southern California region. The company provides many services for clients including mold removal, asbestos removal, smoke and soot damage cleanup as well as other types of clean-up regulated heavily by environmental agencies. Tri Span also provides valuable services in support of clients who may suffer the effects of an earthquake.

Protecting Construction Against the Dangers of Earthquakes

Residents of California are subjected to regular seismic activity. Modern buildings and structures are built with safety in mind, often following new guidelines for construction. Older buildings can be retro-actively fitted for safety. Whether you care for an older structure or have come into possession of a newer site, Tri Span can come to the location and perform a multi-point inspection. The company is skilled in the execution of safety installation services for residential, commercial and industrial facility sites.

It’s important for site caretakers to recognize that, even with existing features installed to safeguard a building against the destructive forces of an earthquake, regular site inspections and upkeep are required to keep up to code and maintain the integrity of a site.

Buildings Potentially at Risk

Tri Span professionals are also familiar with multi-floor buildings and the vulnerabilities that having more than one floor can impose upon even the best safety supports and features. For example, people familiar with Southern California know that space and land are at a premium. This means that developers tend to build upward in an effort to provide more useable space to the populace.

Buildings with more than one floor are at risk for soft-story failure. Soft-story failure requires particular attention from experts in retrofit services like Tri Span. Supports installed as preventative safety measures on the upper floors may not be installed on the first or lower floor.

High-rise apartment buildings might have a parking garage on the first floor, which has less structural integrity due to its open nature. Hotels might have taller, more open floors at the lower level with additional weak points.

Older buildings are also at risk, especially when the structure is highly or uniquely decorated. Nobody wants to cover up a beautiful piece of artwork or unique architecture, but that doesn’t mean the site should be absent supportive safety installations.

Earthquakes are a valid concern and can cause fatalities easily. Don’t delay, contact Tri Span for a safety consultation about structural integrity concerning earthquake retrofit services and clean up.