Can My Fire Damaged Home Be Repaired?

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A fire in your Los Angeles County home is an event that can leave you wondering if your home is beyond repair. Call on fire damage remediation specialists like Tri Span once the home is safe enough to enter and inspect. We can help determine what it will take to get the damage repaired.

How extensive is the damage?

No matter how much you love your home, extensive fire damages can make it impossible to repair the existing structure. It depends on whether large portions of the main supporting structure are completely unsalvageable. Your Los Angeles area home might have to be razed and rebuilt from scratch for safety reasons.

Will it cost more to repair over building a new home?

Your overall ability to finance repairs and rebuilds will sometimes play a factor in whether you ultimately choose to repair the Orange County home or opt to rebuild. The cost of repairing extensive fire damage can often exceed what it will cost to build new. Make sure you explore all of your options before making the final decision.

The Damage Can Look Worse Than It Is

Even a small San Bernardino house fire can leave a huge mess and make the damage look worse than it is. Once the burnt materials, water, smoke, and soot are removed, it will begin to seem less shocking. As new materials are added the home will come back together nicely.

Have a Professional Assessment Done

Use professional home fire experts like Tri Span to inspect the Riverside County home to help assess the ability to salvage or advise to rebuild. You need a service that specializes in major fire damage repairs to help give you the information it takes to make a sound decision.

Contact us at Tri Span if you have experienced fire damage to your home. We offer full inspection and fire damage remediation in the Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino County area.