Cleaning Up After Disastrous Home Fires | Orange County Environmental Contractor

No home is exempt from the dangers of a fire in Orange County and the experts at Tri Span Environmental Cleanup has a thorough understanding of this reality. Their team of professionals continues to strive toward adhering to the strict standards the Indoor Environmental Organization and Restoration Industry Organization have both set forth.

In addition to causing excessive damage to your property and all of its contents, a home fire will result in environmental hazards. Even a small fire will produce smoke damage extensive enough that it requires professional services from an environmental cleanup company.

Orange County Environmental Hazards

Numerous after effects occur following a home fire including ash, soot, and water damage. Ash and soot permeate materials that are porous including carpet, clothing, drywall, and furnishings. This damage occurs within minutes of the fire’s outbreak. These materials also stick to nonporous surfaces and, unless you have the help of professional services, it’s difficult to remove. When water soaks everything down in the home, the end result is often mold damage.

These problems are often not resolved by simply vacuuming or washing down the affected items or areas. Sometimes, in doing so, you can exasperate the problem. In fact, an inexperienced cleaner could compromise their health.

The Importance of Cleanup Services

Immediately following a fire, it’s critical that you contact an environmental cleanup service in Orange County. The longer you wait, the more damage could occur within your home. Often, soot that is left standing can permanently discolor appliances and etch glass. The utilization of specialized equipment will be brought to deep-clean the after effects of the home fire. Additionally, commercial grade cleaning supplies will also be used by the team of highly trained professionals at Tri Span Environmental. That way, further damage to your home doesn’t occur. Each member of the team will keep you informed throughout the process because communication is a priority as they work to restore your life.