Environmental Cleanup: What Are Your Options? | Tri Span Construction

When an environmental cleanup crew performs an assessment on a commercial property, they’re determining if it’s environmental impairment is present. Under some circumstances, soil and groundwater testing become a requirement if concerns arise. If not, a company like Tris Span Environmental Cleanup can remedy to Orange County commercial property. They’ll haul off waste, debris, harmful chemicals, and anything else that could pose a risk to those entering your commercial property.

Chemicals and Contaminants

Hazardous materials should never be handled by anyone except a professional cleanup crew. Otherwise, you could be exposing yourself and your employees to harmful vapors, contaminants, and chemicals. A professional remediation company in Orange County will not only safely remove these waste materials, but they will also ensure the worksite is clear before employees return to their jobs.

Glass and Large Debris

When a commercial company has a demolition team come in to complete a teardown, it’s necessary to hire a cleanup service to remove the aftermath. Even though the removal of the glass and debris may seem simple enough for your employees to handle, precautions are still in order. These items, especially the handling of glass and large items, pose a risk and could be potentially harmful to your employees.

Put Safety First

No matter what, safety should be the ultimate goal when evaluating whether or not a cleanup service is necessary for your Orange County commercial property. If you believe, the job could be a potential risk or harm your employees in any way, bring in a professional service to remedy the situation. In the end, you’ll save time lost from employees missing days from work as well as potentially paying out insurance or medical expenses if they become injured from working on the environmental cleanup themselves. Using a company like Tri Span will help you put safety first.