Finding Asbestos Risks in Orange County Homes and Businesses

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Finding Asbestos Risks in Orange County Homes and Businesses | Tri Span

Asbestos risks and hazards to health posed by this now banned building material are just as common in Orange County, CA as they are in most other places in the U.S.

While risks from asbestos are minimized when the material is left undisturbed, remodeling or demolishing a building releases these dangerous fibers and dust into the environment, producing harmful health effects for decades to come.

Does Your Orange County Building Contain Asbestos Risks?

Finding out if your building contains asbestos requires the assistance of trained professionals who are experienced in asbestos risks and abatement in Orange County.

Identifying asbestos risks in an Orange County building often takes specialized equipment and laboratory tests, but it also takes local knowledge and experience of how asbestos has been incorporated into buildings in Southern California construction and knowing the best ways of solving the problem in our area.

The safe, proper, and legal removal and disposal of asbestos also requires an understanding of local resources, agencies, laws, and regulations in order to get the job done as quickly and inexpensively as possible and in compliance with all laws.

Local asbestos mitigation specialist, Tri Span Environmental, is a licensed contracting company with extensive experience in identifying and mitigating asbestos risks in homes, businesses, and public buildings in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area.

Experienced Tri Span Environmental staff have the certification, training, experience, and local knowledge for identifying asbestos risks and finding the most cost-effective solution in your Orange County home or business.

Tri Span Environmental is uniquely equipped to help you survey your property for the presence of asbestos, develop a plan for removal or containment, and implement that plan in accordance with all local, State, and federal regulations at the least cost.

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