Hidden Mold Removal by Tri Span Environmental | Orange County Hazard Remediation

Tri Span Environmental is a general contracting firm that specializes in the removal of hazardous substances like mold. People hear the word mold and most think of black or green slimy growths over surface areas visible to the human eye. The truth is the most dangerous kind of mold is actually hidden mold, which Tri Span Environmental crews are experts at detecting and removal.

Hidden mold often first alerts humans to its presence via odd smells or the presence of water damage found on the walls or ceiling. Hidden mold can and does grow in places not readily seen by the human eye like behind wallpaper, paneling, inside ceiling tiles, on the rear side of drywall, beneath carpets and carpet padding. If pipes run through walls or ceilings and moisture accumulates, the mold can grow on pipes, too. The common denominator to facilitate mold growth is moisture, created by condensation accumulation or leaks.

How Does Mold Spread in Your Home?

Mold spreads by way of spores. Tri Span Environmental not only has the equipment and experience to detect and eradicate mold, but also has qualified professionals who know how to combat the onset of spore growth and spread. Normal cleaning of a facility or an area will not remove spores or mold sufficiently to return an area to a sterile working or living environment.

Often buildings easily provide mold and its spores the necessary triad of factors for further growth. These factors are:

  • Nutrients
  • Moisture
  • Time

Nutrients can consist of dust, building materials and any organic matter. Moisture can be the simple presence of humidity already in the air, such as exists in many California localities near a body of water or coastal region. Any degree of moisture hastens decay, a process that mold serves to fulfill in natural settings. As for time, mold and its spores requires as little as 24 hours to start growing into a colony.

Even if a building sports a dry environment, if the location was subject to a flooding incident or a leak, local residents or workers can rest assured that mold growth has likely started. Mold can cause allergies, health problems, and in severe cases, death. Mold is a liability to a company both financially and legally. Tri span Environmental offers contracts and services to entities in the Southern California or High Desert Area to assist in mold prevention, treatment and removal.

Tri Span Environmental’s mold removal services can protect clients from further harm and forestall future incidents of invasive mold growth.