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Orange County Home Fires Restoration ServicesTri Span Environmental completely understands the devastating effects of a home fire. Located in Southern California, we provide only high-quality remediation and cleanup services.Our team adheres to strict standards set forth by the Restoration Industry Association, and the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization.

Home fires not only cause extensive damage to property and contents, they also cause environmental hazards. A small fire that produces extensive smoke can create a situation that requires the services of an environmental cleanup company.

Environmental Hazards

The after effects of a home fire is soot, ash, and water. Soot and ash permeate porous materials such as furniture, carpet, drywall and clothing within minutes of a fire, stick to non-porous surfaces, and both are difficult to get rid of without professional help. Water soaks everything in its path, and can add another problem, which is mold.

Simply washing affected items, or vacuuming will not eliminate the problem, and can make the situation worse. Exposure to inexperienced cleaning after a home fire can seriously affect your health. Ash and soot are the remnants of burnt synthetic materials that are known to cause lung disease and cancer from prolonged exposure.

Cleaup Services

Cleanup services should be contacted immediately after a fire. More damage will occur to your home the longer you wait to begin the cleanup process. Ash and soot will etch glass, and permanently discolor major appliances beyond repair. Special equipment specifically designed for the debris removal and commercial grade cleaners are used to clean deep the after effects of a home fire. Tri Span Environmental is a team of highly trained professionals specializing in the safe and effective cleanup of your home after a fire. Communication with our customers is the key to our success, and we keep you informed during the entire remediation process. Our goal is not only to cleanup your home, but to restore your life. Contact us for all of your disaster cleanup needs. No job is ever too small for our company.

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