How to Find Hidden Mold In Your San Bernardino County Home

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How to Find Hidden Mold In Your San Bernardino County Home | Tri Span Environmental

The San Bernardino County area remains dry a majority of the time, but you are still at risk of developing a mold problem if you do not carefully monitor specific areas of your home.

Check Behind Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen of your San Bernardino County home is one area that has plenty of water running through a network of plumbing pipes to cause concern for the possibility of mold growth. Most people check areas around drain pipes and under the sink on a regular basis. These cupboards are often opened to retrieve cleaners. The smell of mold would catch your attention. Take time to pull out appliances and check behind, on the floor, and on the walls. You might find a lurking problem with mold you never thought was there.

Front Load Washer Seals

Front load washing machines look nice, contemporary, and seem convenient but a serious mold problem can develop if the seals are not kept dry. Dry the seal by keeping the door open until it air dries, or wiping it with an absorbent cloth. If you locate mold on the seal, you will need to check the rest of the laundry area for mold thoroughly.

Tracks of Windows and Sliding Doors

The tracks of vinyl windows or sliding glass doors in your San Bernardino County home are prime spots for mold growth. It is often mistaken for dirt and allowed to slip by without removal. It can then spread throughout the house.

Between Dishes In the Cupboard

Getting in a hurry when doing dishes can cause a mold problem in an unexpected place in your San Bernardino home. Stacking dishes away in the cupboard while they are still damp can cause mold to begin growing between bowls, plates, and in the bottom of glasses. Your entire kitchen cabinetry is now at risk for serious mold growth.

Behind Bathroom and Kitchen Baseboards

Everytime you sweep and mop you run the broom and mop up against the baseboards. If the baseboards have a gap in your San Bernardino County bathroom or kitchen, the material is driven under this space. Moisture from the mop then allows for the quick growth of mold in behind these pieces of wall trim. Carefully pull this trim back every now and again to check.

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