How to Keep From Buying a Home Infested With Mold

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How to Keep From Buying a Home Infested With Mold | Tri Span Environmental

The purchase of a Long Beach area home should be a time of great excitement. It can end up a nightmare if you find out down the road that your new purchase has a serious mold problem. At Tri Span, we offer professional testing to determine if there are high concentrations of mold within the home. Our mold remediation specialists can also affordably perform remediation to clear the home of mold.

Request to Look at the Home Inspection Report

You should never purchase a Long Beach home without having a thorough inspection done. Ask to see the written report and whether the presence of black mold was noted. It is not a guarantee that the individual took notice of mold, but it gives you a starting point.

Let Your Nose Be Your Guide

The pungent smell of mold will be the first thing that calls your attention to a potential problem. Take a slow walk through the home and let your nose lead you. Make sure you also check areas like the attic and basement. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Look for Mold Around Plumbing Fixtures

The area immediately close to any plumbing fixture and pipe is a common area to find mold growth. Check these areas well, including the walls and floors in the spots adjacent to the plumbing. Make sure there are no weak and soft spots in the floor close to plumbing. It could indicate that at some point there was a major plumbing leak. You could end up with a mold problem that is hidden.

Inspect Closet Walls

Check the lower portion of the walls of every closet. It is a likely spot for mold to grow in a Long Beach home, especially if it has contained piles of loose clothing.

Check Attic and Basement Areas for Mold

A Long Beach home for sale could be hiding a mold problem in the attic, crawlspace, or basement. Physically inspect these areas for mold and mildew. Check for signs of moist insulation that allows mold to grow.

Contact our mold remediation team at Tri Span if you are in need of mold testing, or have purchased a home that needs to have mold removed. We offer comprehensive solutions to mold problems for any Long Beach area home.