How to Prevent Mold in the Winter | Tri Span Environmental

Mold prevention can seem a bit harder when the air is cooler and the rain is more frequent. It seems like everything begins to feel damp and smell musty. Below are a few ways you can reduce your chances of developing a mold problem.

Don’t Track Water or Mud Indoors

Snow is rarely a problem in the Los Angeles area, but rain and mud are common in the winter. Make sure you keep thick rugs at every entryway door and clean up and wet footprints. Moisture helps mold and mildew growth.

Insulate Plumbing Pipes

Insulate plumbing pipes to prevent the odd occasion that temperatures drop below freezing. It might be rare, but it can happen and cause pipe bursts that flood your building.

Cover Damaged or Leaking Roof With Tarp Until it Can Be Fixed

Storm-damaged roofing provides an opening for leaks to start. You may not be able to get someone to fix the problem right away. Try and place a tarp over the damaged area until you can have an Orange County roofer perform repairs.

Clear Out Gutters

Backed up gutters can cause roof leaks and water intrusion at the foundation level of your home or business. Have your gutters cleaned once a year, preferably before the winter months begin. You need to have this draining system free-flowing at all times.

Add Seals to Windows and Doors

If air can get in around your windows and doors, chances are water can as well. Add seals around any that are known to be drafty, and you will cut off easy access for moisture.

Grade Earth Downhill from Foundation

You never want to have the foundation of your Los Angeles County home or business at the base of a hill with no drainage plan to direct water away. Make sure it is graded to provide a downhill away from the foundation to keep from having leaks of water into your basement or crawlspace.

Monitor Everything Indoors for Water Condensation

Take note of any water condensation on your indoor pipes, walls, counters, or furniture. Wipe it up right away. Keep all areas as dry as possible.

Call on Tri-Span Environmental if you develop a mold problem over the winter months. We provide complete mold remediation to improve indoor living throughout the Los Angeles County area.