In Los Angeles County, Smokey Times Call for Smokey Measures from Tri Span

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In Los Angeles County, Smokey Times Call for Smokey Measures from Tri Span

Tri Span provides valuable services for residents and workers of Los Angeles County. Services Tri Span offers to prospective clients includes but are not limited to hazardous environmental clean up, asbestos removal, mold removal, earthquake retro-fit supports, as well as smoke damage and cleanup. If a service isn’t listed regarding environmental cleanup, call anyway and check with us. Tri Span holds many licenses and certifications necessary to handle environmental waste in accordance with environmental protection agencies and government offices at multiple layers.

Fire Dangers in Southern California

Residents of Los Angeles County might be surprised that clearing out smoke damage and restoring a site from its contaminated state after a fire does require compliance with government ordinances. Fire can, through its chemical process, transform materials used in the construction of a house or work place into deadly substances, which can hurt a body when contact occurs by touch or inhalation.

The fires that tend to make the news and that most of the public are familiar with tend to be the California wildfires. In fact, in 2016, government tracking accounts for over 6,938 fires as of December 11, 2016. These fires consumed over 565,070 acres, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. That many wildfires produces a tremendous amount of smoke, which consists of particulate matter.

Los Angeles County Smoke Damages

Smoke and soot can carry on air currents, meaning contamination of surface areas and appliances can occur far from the site of an actual blaze. Tri Span experts have the necessary skills and tools to check for smoke contamination inside a building. The crews at our company have a wealth of practical experience in checking small areas where soot can linger and lead to a cycle of continued air contamination, including ducts, air vents and small openings on appliances.

If prospective clients have a structure that was damaged fire, including fires other than publicized wildfires, then Tri Span can help purify a location, especially if the site is in Los Angeles County. Tri Span professional specialists have a multitude of tools to clean hard-to-reach areas. The company has the proper chemicals mixed within the appropriately stipulated guidelines for cleansing an area while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding environment.

Our cleaning methods ensure that the human and animals impacted by environmentally contaminated areas can return to a normal way of life as soon as possible. Call for a Tri Span smoke cleanup consultation.