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Orange Count Lead Paint Removal ServicesLead paint removal should only be done by trained professionals. We at Tri Span Environmental, located in Southern California are licensed professionals certified in the safe removal of lead-based paint.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Containment, which prevents lead dust and particles from traveling to other sites
  • Decontamination by using special equipment to thoroughly clean all work areas
  • Disposal in designated hazardous waste facilities

Exposure to lead-based paint causes serious health issues, and can lead to death. Those most affected are young children and pregnant women. Lead poisoning often occurs in young children from ingesting paint chips inside or outside of the home and is most likely to occur in adults from exposure to paint dust. Dust is released into the air by sanding contaminated areas.

Paint dust can be carried into the home on shoes and clothing, and can travel throughout the home by way of the ventilation system. Poisoning from lead-based paint occurs over a period of time, and can mimic other illnesses. The risk of exposure is increased if your home was built before 1978.

Prior to 1978, wood surfaces such as trim, furniture, and toys were painted with lead-based paint. Today, homeowners and realtors must provide documentation to potential renters or buyers disclosing the presence of lead-based paint. Federal law mandates that contractors must provide homeowners with a “Renovate Right” pamphlet when disturbing more than 6 square feet of interior surfaces, more than 20 square feet of exterior surfaces, window removal, and major renovations.

The pamphlet must be given to the resident before any work begins. Renovate Right explains what to expect before and after the lead paint removal, what your rights are, and how to choose a contractor.

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Make sure your contractor is certified, and can show proper certification. Keep track of each step of the job without interfering or entering the work area. Ultimately, it is up to you to protect yourself and your family through knowledge. Tri Span Environmental will provide you with peace of mind during every phase of the removal process.