Litigation and Asbestos | Orange County Hazardous Waste Removal

Orange County Tri Span Environmental Cleanup is easily available to serve residential and commercial clients. One of the ways Tri Span serves clients is by providing transparency in operations of environmental cleanup so the client can understand the necessity of the costs involved. Removal of mold, asbestos and lead contamination require careful considerations and exacting standards to be followed by the company doing the removal.

Removing Household Health Hazards

Tri Span provides environmental cleanup in accordance with Orange County’s regulations and also abides by the Environmental Protection Agency’s mandates at the federal level. Tri Span’s due diligence saves the client time and money by avoiding future litigation related to environmental hazards.

According to the monographs provided by the RAND Corporation’s studies from 2005, asbestos injuries and property damage resulting in lawsuits created one of the longest and largest mass torts within U.S. historical records. Some of the asbestos lawsuits have been pending for over 20 years.

Imagine if your estate or company’s funds were tied up in legal fees for twenty plus years. It could happen easily in modern society, and it could be the worst possible thing financially to impact a property owner’s situation. Fortunately, the risk for these kinds of scenarios can be minimized and negated with the help of a good contractor. Tri Span is a great contractor with¬†experience in the area of environmental cleanup.

The Possible Dangers of Older Buildings

The Orange County area is well known for its beautiful geography and its population of colorful people who work or reside in beautiful buildings of historical import. Older buildings, however, are the most likely culprits to house risk factors leading to hazardous situations and lawsuits. The lovely weather in the region often carries the brisk humidity of the nearby coastal waters which can lead to mold contamination. The older buildings are created with superior for the time materials which can result in asbestos discoveries on the property. And of course, older buildings carry a higher risk of lead contamination in painted surfaces and older windows.

Tri Span offers surveys in the Orange County area to assess potential risk factors and supplies professional experts with experience to identify immediate concerns and provide solutions to removal while abiding by the laws and ordinances. Tri Span contractors can contain the problem material and remove it with minimal to no damage to the building and property and can save tons of money for the client by removing the scenarios that can lead to litigation.