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Los Angeles County Lead Paint Removal | Tri Span Environmental Cleanup

Lead paint removal in the Los Angeles County area is strictly governed by multiple municipality regulations from the city to the state to the federal level. The government banned the use of lead-based household paints back in 1978, but there are still pre-existing structures and older properties that exhibit lead paint presence.

Understanding the Importance of Los Angeles County Lead Paint Regulations

Tri Span Environmental is familiar with the needs of local Los Angeles County customers and regulatory ordinances related to environmental clean up.

Tri Span Environmental possesses some of the most knowledgeable Los Angeles County project managers and the best crews used to cleaning up lead contamination according to regulatory guidelines. Tri Span’s teams are familiar with the nuances of lead paint.

For example, the most common paints that can be contaminated by lead include pigment enhancements known as chrome yellow, red lead, and white lead. Older Los Angeles County locations colored by yellow, red and or white paint are at the highest risk for visible lead contamination and should be surveyed by an expert like Tri Span for the protection of the people who frequent the property.

Why is Lead Paint a Los Angeles County Safety Hazard?

Lead was used as an additive to hasten the drying process, improve the durability of painted surfaces and decorative exteriors and to resist the advancement of corrosion upon surfaces exposed to moisture. Los Angeles being a beautiful coastal draw to residents and immigrants from its inception with its regional charm and appealing climate was an immediate fit for the benefits of lead paint additives.

Lead paint additives are still in use in other countries as well, so if the origin of a paint supplier for property development came from outside the United States to save cost, then a modern Los Angeles County property can still be contaminated by lead.

Tri Span Inc. Has Experience Removing Lead Paint in Los Angeles County

Tri Span’s lead detection methods and contaminant isolation processes are tried and true from experience and education. Tri Span crews are practiced hands at removing lead contaminants from the soil, air and property structures so that Los Angeles County residents and workers can be safe.

Tri Span’s services can be used to survey a property for lead before purchase to protect future Los Angeles County purchasers. Tri Span can also assist current property owners in the process of lead paint removal clean up so that the safety and welfare of its inhabitants is ensured with best possible business practices.

Tri Span Environmental provides Los Angeles County lead paint removal services at the client’s discretion and actively works to protect client interests with compliance to governmental standards at a reasonable cost.