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Orange County Mold Removal ServicesA mold is a type of fungi that is easily found in damp places. Their spores are found in dust particles but may become dangerous when present in immense quantities. Mold is mostly common in the bathrooms, basements, air ducts and kitchens just to mention a few places where humidity levels are quite high.

In Southern California, there are several companies such as Tri Span Environmental, who offer professional mold removal services. Tri Span Environmental will send experts to take samples of the mold to determine the best approach to take when removing it.

Common Causes of Mold

Some of the common causes of mold formation in Orange County, as well as Los Angeles County, include but are not limited to:

  • Rust on plumbing pipes that lead leakages.
  • Windows with cracks on the frame edges.
  • Moisture build-up on cracks in the walls.
  • Water accumulation on floor cracks.

Tri Span Environmental has a group of experienced professionals who will help you solve your mold problems without interfering with your routines either at home or in your business. Mold removal requires particular expertise that you may not have; in some cases it may involve the removal and replacement of the surface on which the mold was growing.

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Services Offered By Tri Span Environmental

Tri Span Environmental offers the following services to its clients:

  • Mold removal in basements.
  • Removal and reconstruction of mold affected surfaces.
  • Coordinate the mold removal process.

Tri Span Environmental also offers emergency services during unprecedented occurrences such as flooding and other water disasters that may lead to the formation of mold within the house. In such cases, Tri Span Environmental will ensure that all wet items are removed from the house and aired out to prevent dampness while at the same time ensuring the bacteria does not easily multiply.

Once Tri Span Environmental employees have controlled the mold formation, then we would then embark on the removal of the little mold that may have formed in the house. For your mold removal needs in Southern California, always feel free to get in touch with Tri Span Environmental.