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Orange County Certified Contractor Does Hazardous Waste Removal | Tri Span, Inc.

If you are looking for an Orange County certified contractor for building, demolition, or hazardous material abatement, Tri Span, Inc. is among the top-rated companies in experience, reputation, and cost-effective problem-solving. This is a company with comprehensive construction services tailored to the Orange County community’s needs.

Orange County Building Contractor with Extensive Services

Tri Span Inc. excels in several areas of the construction trades, including site preparation, new construction, demolition, tenant housing improvements, and hazardous waste remediation. In each area, high standards of workmanship, attention to detail, and concern for cost-efficiency are the norm.

  • Site preparation includes all of the preparatory work needed to get a building site ready for actual construction. This often involves extensive excavation for foundations, retaining walls, and utilities, as well as the construction of sidewalks, curbs, and driveways. Clearing of vegetation and erosion prevention are also part of site improvement on some jobs.
  • New construction is the building of any new structure from the ground up. New construction involves coordinating and working with architects, engineers, planning and building department officials, landscape professionals, and trade subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, and masonry contractors. To deliver a new construction project on time and within budget, it is important to find a contractor with well-established working relationships with these other professionals and to find a general contractor who only works with sub-contractors with the best track-records on workmanship and timeliness of completion.
  • Tenant improvement construction services by Orange County building contractor Tri Span, Inc. include complete renovations and alterations of apartment buildings and other rental properties, upgrading them to serve the property owners and tenant’s specific needs.
  • Demolition can be hard or soft and can involve the complete removal of a building or the safe removal of interior walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Recycling and safe disposal of materials are included.
  • Hazardous waste abatement is the safe and legal removal and disposal of lead, asbestos, mold contaminated materials, and fire damaged house structures. Tri Span Inc. is an Orange County certified contractor with EPA and California State approval for removal of hazardous waste according to the highest safety protocols.
Tri Span is a minority-owned business with a long history of working on federal and public works projects in Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as working for many private property owners. Contact us today to find out how we can work for you.