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Orange County Home Fire Cleanup Services | Tri Span Environmental

Here at Tri Span Environmental, our environmental cleanup services include Los Angeles County and Orange County home fires, as well as those throughout the rest of the Southern California area. Residents throughout this region have depended on our dedicated and experienced crews for the remediation and cleanup services we provide. Our team of professions follows stringent guidelines developed by the Indoor Environmental Standards Association and the Restoration Industry Association.

Orange County Home Fire Environmental Cleanup

Have you just experienced a home fire? Tri Span Environmental can help you with your remediation to include the cleaning up of ash, soot, and water. Ash and soot permeate materials that are porous including your drywall, carpeting, clothing, and home furnishings. It also sticks to surfaces that are non-porous and is hard to remove without the help of a professional. Water creates mold if it sits in an area for too long and, after a fire, we know everything is soaked down.

These problems are not eliminated by just washing items or structures, or by using a household vacuum. In some circumstances, you could be exasperating the situation. Following a home fire, you could expose yourself to health risks upon attempting to clean up yourself. Prolonged exposure to the ash or soot from burnt synthetic materials could cause cancer or lung disease.

Orange County Home Fire Remediation

Following an Orange County home fire, cleanup services should not be postponed. Otherwise, additional damage could occur from standing water or other environmental hazards. Major appliances become permanently discolored by soot and ash, and glass will also experience etching, both of these issues are unable to be repaired if waiting occurs. Following a home fire, Tri Span Environmental uses commercial grade equipment to deep clean and remove debris. Each member of the team is highly trained and specializes in the effective and safe cleanup of a home fire. Tri Span ensures the customer remains part of the communication process, so they maintain their piece of mind following this disaster.