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Orange County Smoke Damage | Tri Span Southern California Construction

The Orange County Fire Authority regularly handles several thousands of fires a year. One year, 2006, saw Orange County subjected to over 70,000 fires. Since then, average temperatures have risen as have the number of droughts Orange County has endured. Drier conditions combined with higher temperatures has placed many residents of Orange County at increased risk for unexpected fire damage, including smoke and soot.

Damage Caused by Home Fires & Other Smoke

Smoke is an insidious, toxic object. Smoke has the capability to wend its way into areas too small to notice or hidden locations not visible to the eye. Tri Span Environmental’s cleaning crews are trained to seek out and destroy accumulations of smoke damage and soot in areas like vents, ducts, and air intake registers. If a cleaning company does not thoroughly scrub and sterilize these hidden locations, the occupants and workers in the building suffer from contaminated air circulation and health problems.

Tri Span Environmental teams are qualified and experienced in removal of environmental hazards, including fire residue in the form of smoke and soot damage. Smoke residue can be hazardous. Smoke consists of innumerable compounds of chemicals, some poisonous, derived from the materials burned during a fire’s consumption of materials. An average person can’t know the danger that handling smoke residue can inflict upon an unprotected individual.

Equipment Needed for Smoke Damage Removal

Smoke damage clean-up requires specialized equipment, personal protective equipment, harsh, even restricted chemical cleaning solutions and compliance with hazardous material disposal as regulated at local, state and federal levels. Tri Span Environmental has the resources and the knowledge necessary to fulfill all of the necessary qualifications of the preceding factors.

Fire, smoke damage and soot cleanup can be costly, and it is a hassle trying to return a surface area in a home or work space to normal so that the process of daily routines can return. What clients want most from smoke damage clean up in Orange County is the ability to return to the normality of life without detrimental health problems inflicted by exposure to chemicals and residual fire effects.

Tri Span Environmental has been offering smoke damage clean up and soot removal services to clients located in Orange County for years. The company’s reputation is top notch, as spotless as surface area restorations completed habitually by their professional crews.

Tri Span Environmental provides clients a quick, competence clean up and a return to the normality of daily life and business operations.