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Orange County Smoke Damage Cleanup | Tri Span Environmental Services

Hiring a professional is the best way to manage the smoke damage. In the Orange County area, Tri Span Environmental is the best professional choice for addressing the issues of environmental cleanup and site restoration after a fire, including the process of hazardous material removal.

The Hazards of Smoke Damage in Orange County

Smoke is associated with suffocation in modern media. Professional experts like Tri Span Environmental, who deal with smoke damage clean up frequently, are aware of the fact that smoke can be and frequently is poisonous. Smoke damage residue holds hundreds of chemical traces transformed by heat during a fire.

Depending upon what surface areas and materials are exposed to a fire’s heat damage, soot, ash, and smoke damaged surfaces can contain chemicals that need to be cleaned with specialized tools and specific chemical mixtures depending on what chemicals are being removed from the surface areas. Waste removal is also a prime consideration. The poisonous residue, once removed from a surface area during cleaning, needs to be disposed of properly to avoid harming humans and animals further.

Tri Span Environmental Provides Cleanup After Orange County Fires

Tri Span Environmental possesses the proper permits, licenses and training to remove smoke damage from a residential, commercial or industrial property. Tri Span Environmental restores sites to a state of purity equal to or better than what existed prior to the fire disaster.

A property, damaged by a typical fire, left with smoke damage often exposes surface areas and hidden areas, like ductwork and appliance air intake parts, to hundreds of different chemicals via fume contamination. Even if a fire seemed small while it burned, the damage caused by smoke far exceeds the burned damage because of its ability to reach a far wider area by air circulation.

Smoke damage from a fire is most easily seen as a stain when the residue of the fire combustion process leaves a stain on surface areas. This is the most common symptom Tri Span Environmental’s clients desire to be addressed. The other most common complaint is the odor left by smoke damage.

Tri Span Environmental’s crews and management are professional experts with a long history of site restoration, environmental clean up, and hazardous material removal. Service contractors under Tri Span Environmental’s management know how to remove fine or coarse particle damage caused by smoke. And the company’s workers are trained to follow the multi-layered regime required by environmental and regulatory bodies at the local, state and federal level in accordance with all logistical concerns and procedures.