Pasadena Tri Span Environmental Asbestos Abatement and Mold Remediation Services

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Pasadena Tri Span Environmental Asbestos Abatement and Mold Remediation Services

At Tri Span Environmental, we provide total remediation services for residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the greater Southern California region. For many years, Pasadena residents have depended on our dedicated, experienced staff for all their simple to complex removal jobs ranging from asbestos abatement to mold and mildew remediation. With a fully certified and insured staff, Tri Span Environmental gives you peace of mind knowing any hazardous material or waste on your Pasadena property will be properly contained and removed in a safe, timely fashion.

Pasadena Asbestos Abatement

Are you embarking on a remodel project in the Pasadena area? Up until 1978, many structures used dangerous asbestos-containing materials in their construction. If you’re renovating your home, office, or business, it’s imperative that you call the experts at Tri Span Environmental for a complete site assessment. When humans inhale asbestos dust particles, they are vulnerable to deadly illnesses including lung cancer and mesothelioma. As members of the Pasadena community, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping our neighbors and local businesses locate potential asbestos threats, test and contain any toxic materials, and ensure their safe, comprehensive removal. Tri Span Environmental adheres to the strictest federal, state, and local regulations set forth by the city of Pasadena. Whether you’re in need of an emergency Pasadena asbestos abatement, or you’re planning a future remodel or demolition, call our trained professionals today.

Pasadena Mold Remediation

Nearly every home and business in Los Angeles County are susceptible to mold and mildew contamination. In Pasadena, damp, humid conditions in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or air ducts can create a potentially lethal environment for your family or staff. Tri Span Environmental provides complete Pasadena mold remediation services including identification of the source of moisture, removal of contaminated materials, air purification, and reconstruction if necessary. In Southern California, residents are also subject to unexpected natural occurrences including flood, heavy rain, and other water disasters that may lead to deadly mold formation. For Pasadena mold removal and prevention, you can trust Tri Span Environmental’s skilled professionals who will walk you through the emergency remediation process. With the help of our dedicated staff, you can breathe easy knowing it’s safe to return to your Pasadena property.

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