Reducing Smoke Damage after Pasadena Fires

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Reducing Smoke Damage after Pasadena Fires | Los Angeles County Hazard Cleanup

Smoke damage from fires in Pasadena homes and businesses accounts for a large percentage of the total loss from building fires. The only way of minimizing this loss is by taking fast action after a fire and having the assistance of a certified and experienced hazardous materials expert like Tri Span Environmental to help you salvage, clean, and repair your property.

Tri Span technicians are fully trained and equipped to save the property from smoke damage after a fire by taking the right steps to prevent permanent damage from soot and smoke after fires in Pasadena and other parts of Southern California.

The Key to Reducing Smoke Damage after Pasadena Fires

The key to keeping the smoke damage restoration costs to a minimum after a fire is immediate action. Tri Span Environmental has the knowledge and equipment to safely and efficiently enter a building soon after a fire and salvage personal property like papers, electronic equipment, furnishings, clothing, and artwork.

Immediately after a fire is over in a Pasadena home or business, surfaces of walls, ceilings, furnishings, and other materials begin to deteriorate. Metals rust, paint changes color, and fabrics become stained. Within days, these changes become permanent, and the cost of repairs or replacement increases greatly.

Fast and appropriate action reduces this damage, allowing you to salvage as much of your property as possible and reducing the cost of the losses.

Tri Span Environmental helps people with smoke damage after fires all over Pasadena by quickly and safely entering the property to evaluate damage, remove and clean salvageable items, and properly dispose of fire damaged property and materials which cannot be salvaged.

After that, Tri Span Environmental is also fully-equipped to rebuild fire damaged structures, restoring them to their previous condition or even improving them when they are rebuilt.

Tri Span Environmental works with all types of fire and smoke damage and also provides professional construction services for asbestos abatement, lead paint removal, and mold and mildew remediation. Tri Span also offers customized alterations in apartments and rental properties, full demolition services, and site preparation for construction.

Tri Span also provides comprehensive assessment and testing for toxic materials and removal of these materials for health and safety.

Experiencing a fire in your Pasadena home or business is stressful enough. Taking action to save the property from smoke damage and keep reconstruction costs to a minimum is a job Tri Span Environmental can help you do.