Removing Smoke Damage in Los Angeles County

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Removing Smoke Damage in Los Angeles County | Southern California Tri Span

If your home is damaged by smoke and fire, you want repairs done by a general contractor specialized in remediation of this type of damage. Los Angeles County neighborhoods, building regulations, and damage from smoke and fires are well-known terrain to Tri Span Environmental, a company fully equipped for taking on smoke damage restoration projects of all kinds.

Cleaning Up More Than Surface Damage

Some damage from a house fire is obvious, but damage from smoke, soot, water, and fire-fighting chemicals can cause as much, or even more significant damage than flames themselves. This residual damage becomes worse the longer the time between the fire and the start of the clean-up process. If you are faced with repairs and clean-up after a house fire, finding a qualified professional to start the clean-up quickly can reduce the overall loss and expense and greatly shorten the time needed to restore your house to new.

Repairing damage from smoke after a Los Angeles County house fire goes well beyond replacement of fire damaged framing in roofs and walls. Smoke and soot can permeate the entire building far beyond the fire, contaminating carpets, curtains, clothing, toys, furniture, appliances, papers and books. Complete repair includes proper cleaning of everything inside the house affected by smoke, soot, water, or chemicals and the odors they leave behind. This is why having professional assistance is so important.

The Los Angeles Smoke Damage Cleanup Process

If a house is structurally safe to enter after a fire, homeowners can start smoke damage repair by opening windows and using box fans to ventilate the rooms. Always start by getting permission from fire department officials before entering a fire damaged building. Then, wear work gloves, dust mask, and heavy boots when removing personal property and getting the building ready for repair crews to start work.

Bedding, clothing, and drapery can be washed with an alkaline cleaning product designed for washing out soot and smoke. Delicate materials are best taken to a professional dry-cleaner specialized in smoke damage cleaning of fabrics.

Tri Span Environmental is a general contracting firm with years of experience helping customers in Los Angeles County rebuilding their homes after damage by smoke and fire. If you need assistance, call for a consultation today.