Should I Worry About Lead Paint In My Irvine Home?

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Should I Worry About Lead Paint In My Irvine Home? | Environmental Cleanup

Concerns of lead paint are real for anyone that has a home older than 1978, which is when the use of lead-content paint was banned in the United States. Exposure to lead dust has a devastating impact on the health of humans. Children are particularly vulnerable. At Tri Span, we will provide accurate testing and remediation services right away.

Lead Paint and Older Homes

Half of every home built before 1960 contains lead paint on the interior or exterior. Homes built before 1940 have lead paint nearly two-thirds of the time. Unless an older home has been completely remodeled inside and out, you are at risk of being exposed to lead from older paint.

What Lead Paint Does to Your Health

Lead can build up slowly in your body until you reach a tipping point. Lead poisoning can hit and make you extremely ill. In some cases, it can prove fatal, especially in young children. It can cause cognitive and learning disabilities in children and lower overall IQ.

How Does Lead Paint Enter Your System?

Many people have heard tales of young children eating paint chips, which is one way that lead paint can be ingested. It’s not as common nowadays since most Irvine homes have been painted more than once since a layer of lead paint was added. Lead paint can filter through the air as dust and end up in the air you breath, covering your flooring and furniture.

Will Covering Lead Paint Solve the Problem?

Most old coats of lead paint are already covered by one or more layers of other paint. You may not realize that your Irvine home has lead paint if a wall is covered with paneling. The lead paint will find a way to come out into the air as it degrades and turns to dust.

Professional and Safe Lead Paint Removal

You need to bring in a professional removal service like Tri Span to safely and completely eliminate the lead paint from your Irvine home. Proper removal requires using the right equipment and method to protect you, your family, and the environment.

Call us and make an appointment to have the paint in your older Irvine home tested for possible lead content. We provide complete removal at affordable prices.