Solutions for Los Angeles County Asbestos Risks

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Solutions for Los Angeles County Asbestos Risks | Environmental Hazards

The risks of exposure to asbestos are well-known. Exposure to dust from this mineral can cause cancer and respiratory disease which is intractable to treatment. When asbestos is present in a Los Angeles County building, the safety of residents is in jeopardy.

Solutions for LA County Asbestos Risks

Solving the problem of asbestos in a building is a job for trained and certified construction specialists. If the building is a school, child care facility, or other public space, eliminating asbestos risks requires the involvement of a company licensed by the State of California for doing this type of hazardous work.

Tri Span Environmental is just such a company, with decades of experience in all types of hazardous materials abatement, including the mitigation of asbestos risk in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

It is not always easy to know if asbestos is present in a building material in an older building. But Tri Span Environmental knows how to identify asbestos in building materials and on construction sites, whether it be in the ground, in old flooring tiles, exterior siding, roofing, drywall, and plaster, or in the insulation fabric on ducts and pipes. Tri Span has access to laboratory tests and other procedures for identifying asbestos risks and determining which type of asbestos is present.

When asbestos is found to be present, Tri Span Environmental works with clients in finding the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for eliminating the risk of asbestos for their situation.

In some cases, complete removal of asbestos is the best solution. Completing this work takes care and skill so that there is no contamination to other parts of the building or risk to workers, neighbors, or residents. It is also important that all asbestos debris is disposed of in a waste facility especially licensed for handling hazardous waste.

In other cases, asbestos risks in Los Angeles County buildings can be successfully remedied by completely encapsulating the asbestos inside another material. Once this procedure is finished, the asbestos becomes trapped in such a way that it no longer poses any threat.

Identifying asbestos in a building and finding the safest and least expensive solutions is a job for trained professionals like Tri Span Environmental.

If you are concerned about asbestos risks in your Los Angeles County property, contact Tri Span today and schedule a consultation.