Stopping Smoke Damage after San Bernardino Fires

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Stopping Smoke Damage after San Bernardino Fires | Tri Span Abatement

Often, when there is a fire in a home or business in San Bernardino County, the worst effects are from smoke damage after the fire is out.

Damage from smoke becomes worse and worse with every passing hour, and finding expert help right away is imperative for keeping losses to a minimum.

Not all contracting companies are equal when it comes to solving the problem of smoke damage after a San Bernardino County building fire, but Tri Span Environmental is a licensed contracting company dedicated to smoke damage remediation in San Bernardino County and surrounding areas.

Tri Span has the experience, trained personnel, and special equipment for taking fast and effective action for preventing and minimizing smoke damage losses after San Bernardino structure fires.

How to Minimize Smoke Damage after a Fire

The most important point to keep in mind about smoke damage is that it gets worse the longer you wait to take action after the fire is extinguished. Salvaging furnishings, clothing, electronic equipment – and even parts of the building – is easiest in the first hours after the fire engines have left the scene.

Entering a building after a fire is dangerous, and a fire marshal must first declare the site safe for entry before anyone goes inside to salvage property or survey damage. After that, clothing, drapes, furnishings, and other possessions can be removed for cleaning or disposal.

Anyone entering a fire damaged building should wear protective clothing, including work boots, eye protection, and a hard-hat. Electrical service to the building may be disrupted, so strong flashlights or generators are often needed to adequately illuminate the site.

Understanding which items are salvageable and which must be disposed of takes experience, and this is why working with a contractor who specializes in smoke damage in San Bernardino County is important.

Tri Span Environmental also rebuilds structures after fires, so at the same time they are helping you salvage your possessions, they are examining the building for damage and developing a strategy for saving as much of the structure as possible from smoke damage as well. This reduces the total cost and time needed for complete remediation after a fire.

If you have experienced a fire in San Bernardino County, do not hesitate before seeking experienced help for preventing further damage from smoke and soot. Contact Tri Span Environmental as soon as possible, and keep your losses to a minimum.