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4 Situations Requiring the Services of Environmental Specialists

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Maintaining your home environment free of hazardous substances is critical to keeping you and your family safe and healthy. Here at Tri Span Environmental, we are certified and licensed in the abatement and restoration of your home from all types of harmful materials.

Removal of Lead Paint

The greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas have an ongoing problem with lead paint and potentially contaminated soil. It often goes undiscovered until major areas of older homes begin to be stripped of materials during an innocuous renovation. Removal of lead paint is dangerous due to the inability to avoid exposing it to the air. Lead poisoning can happen through inhalation of the lead dust particles that fill the air. Specialists will have the necessary equipment and protective clothing it takes to safely remove the lead from your home and adjoining soil.

Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Asbestos is a deadly fiber found in older building materials that gained popularity for fire-retardant and insulative qualities. It’s another substance that can harm humans when released into the air and inhaled. The bad thing about asbestos is the long period of time that can go between exposure and illness. If your San Bernardino or Riverside County home is tested to have the presence of asbestos, professional removal by experts at Tri Span will completely eliminate every trace.

Fire and Water Damage

The smallest of house fires in your Los Angeles County home can bring complete chaos to life. It’s hard to plan on what to do to bring normalcy back to each day. The home might be deemed uninhabitable until cleaning and repairs are done. You can call on us at Tri Span to begin to clean up right away and make the plans to begin reconstruction right away.

Complete Mold Removal

Science increasingly backs the health risks associated with mold growth within your living space. A mold problem always begins with tiny spores that enter the home through ventilation, windows, doors, and can attach to clothing when outside. With the right mix of air moisture and an undisturbed space in your Los Angeles area home, mold will attach and begin to reproduce at a fast pace. Complete removal is required to improve the air quality and protect your health.

Call us at Tri Span for any of these problems and we will provide a fast assessment, estimate, and begin bringing complete resolution. We handle environmental cleanup and restoration throughout the Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

5 Things to Keep Handy In Preparation of a Hazardous Spill

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5 Things to Keep Handy In Preparation of a Hazardous Spill | Tri Span Environmental

Running a fast-paced Los Angeles area business can seem exciting, but it can prove stressful if you handle, store, or use hazardous materials and there is an unexpected spill. At Tri Span Environmental, we understand how stressful these events can be and work hard to alleviate the problem quickly. Below are a few things to keep handy that will make this unpleasant experience less anxiety-filled.

Internal Spill Management Personnel Phone Numbers

Most Orange County area businesses that handle hazardous materials have a protocol in place for dealing with a spill. More than one person is normally delegated to dealing with the details, reporting the necessary information to the required agencies, and gather all facts for internal company record keeping. Make sure you have the phone numbers for these individuals, including after-hours contact information.

Emergency Agency Numbers

You will need to have the local Los Angeles or Orange County fire department come out to help handle containment of large spills. Check that all employees are safe and unharmed. Request an ambulance if you have any doubts.

Paperwork of All Hazardous Materials

Keep the paperwork on all hazardous materials located at your business in a handy location. It will prove useful to show to emergency personnel and a hazmat cleanup crew.

Caution Tape

A large roll of bright yellow caution tape is a must-have item to keep in your office. You can cordon off a wide area to keep anyone from entering the immediate area of a hazardous material spill. It will limit foot traffic to emergency and cleanup crew personnel only.

Notebook for Witness Statements

Take witness statements as early in the event as possible. Memories tend to fade after an event, and you need to gather all the facts you can for internal review. Make sure you have complete names and dates.

Contact Tri Span Environmental if you have experienced a hazardous material spill at your business. We offer fast, affordable services and handle spills throughout the San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles County area.

Eliminate the Hazards of a Crime Scene

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Eliminate the Hazards of a Crime Scene | Tri Span Environmental Cleanup

A crime scene can involve anything from assaults, murder, burglaries, and drug raids. The materials left behind can often be more than unsightly. You could face the unpleasant task of removing biohazard fluids from your Orange and Los Angeles County home or business. At Tri Span Environmental, we are qualified to handle all types of crime scene cleanup detail.

Blood and Biohazard Fluids

Blood and other body fluids that are released from the body after serious trauma from shootings, stabbings, or other means of violent death have to be removed from the surfaces of your Orange or Los Angeles County home or business. Getting rid of biohazard materials is often more than doing a little general cleaning. It will require the removal of items and flooring materials that are stained with blood and other pathogen carrying fluids.

Fingerprint Powder Residue

Burglaries and other crime scenes are often cordoned off until the investigation is completed. The mess left behind of fingerprint powder can make the Orange County residence or business look unkempt. It also stands as a stark reminder of the event that happened. Our crew can have all traces of the fingerprint gathering process removed immediately.

Meth Lab Cleanup

The creation of the drug meth takes place inside home labs, using tremendously dangerous chemicals. If you own a Los Angeles County home that has been discovered to run a meth lab, all chemicals will have to be safely removed and the scene scrubbed for safety.

Pepper Spray Residue

Police raids and arrests many times involve the use of pepper spray. It is a chemical that is incredibly irritating to the eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs. Any leftover residue needs to be cleaned completely off the surfaces to avoid contact with the skin.

Bring the Space Back to Normal

Homeowners and business owners do not always have a say when events unfold and you are left with the mess of a crime scene. It is impossible to predict, but you are in control of finding the right service to clean up the results.

Call us at Tri Span Environmental if you have a crime scene that requires cleaning from your premises. We handle all types of crime scenes throughout the Orange and Los Angeles County areas.

How to Get Rid of Mold Odors In the Basement

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How to Get Rid of Mold Odors In the Basement | Orange County Abatement

Mold is more common in homes in the Orange County and surrounding areas that you might think. It only takes a little moisture, dark, and undisturbed environment to end up with a huge problem that brings offensive odor and health hazards right to your doorstep.

Inspect the Basement for Signs of Mold

Look in all visible locations for signs of mold or mildew. Most often it will be gray or black in color. Look at lower edges of walls and around windows. Check any stored furniture items, boxes, and clothing for mold. Discard anything that is covered in mold. It will help eliminate the musty odor.

Keep the Home Well Ventilated

Mold is most likely to grow at times you are not using the heating or air conditioning system. It is due to the air becoming still and allowing the mold spores to find a spot and begin growing. Keep the air circulating well throughout your Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, or Riverside County home.

Keep Excess Moisture Out

Rain might be a scarce event in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, but it does come around at times. Make sure there are no leaks in the walls of your basement, window frames, or plumbing leaks from above. Eliminating the moisture problem will reduce the odor of mold.

Place Kitty Litter

If you continue to detect a strong mold odor in the basement, try placing an open container of kitty litter into the middle of the room. It will begin to absorb the smell right away. You should notice a difference within a few days.

Call In Mold Remediation Experts

If you feel you have tried everything and the odor persists, call in our mold remediation experts for professional help. We will track down the source and location of mold, providing complete removal at an affordable cost. You will finally feel free of mold and strong musty odors. You can reclaim the basement space for comfortable use.

Call us at Harbor Environmental Group to assist you in making your basement and home completely mold-free. We are available to help anywhere in the Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino areas.

What to Seek In a Good Environmental Clean-Up Contractor

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What to Seek In a Good Environmental Clean-Up Contractor | Orange County Remediation

You are not alone if your Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, or Orange County business handles hazardous materials, or creates hazardous waste as a part of your industrial processes. It is vital to have a reliable company that can handle any hazardous spills right away and within compliance, levels demanded by the local, state, and federal governments.

Ability to Respond Quickly to an Emergency Spill

If you have an environmental clean-up service you have contracted with in case of spills, the response time will offer minimal delay. Time is critical in getting a spill cleaned and avoid further contamination of the building, equipment, or outdoor environment. Tri-Span Environmental provides a quick response for the entire Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County area.

Reasonable Cost and Billing Structure

You need to have invoicing that is clear, concise and shows you the entire cost breakdown. You need to determine if the costs are within acceptable industry standards. Although it is an essential service, you want to keep your budget in mind.

Excellent Record Keeping and Documentation

Tri Span begins the documentation and record keeping process from the first moment we hit the scene. You never have to worry about any of the crucial details being overlooked. All records of the event and resolution of the spill are kept in confidence and only reach the hands of necessary individuals. We value you and your companies privacy.

Timely Reports Made to the Right Agencies

Filing reports is an essential part of the clean-up process, and it has to get to the right agencies promptly. We demonstrate the ability to work seamlessly with all Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino County, state, and federal agencies.

Provides a Feeling of Confidence and Security

Utilizing an environmental clean-up contractor that is experienced and dependable will help you feel at ease, confident, and secure about conducting everyday business. You know that your business is in good hands when it comes to the potential for hazardous materials and waste spills.

Contact us here at Tri Span and find out why so many businesses in the Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties trust us for all of their hazardous materials and waste spills.

What Are the Health Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

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What Are the Health Dangers of Asbestos Exposure | Tri Span Environmental

Asbestos has long been used as a building material to improve the insulative and fire-retardant qualities of a structure. It quit being used decades ago due to the discovery of the deadly health implication mere exposure brought. Below are a few of the dangers of asbestos exposure.

Inflammation of the Lungs

Constant exposure to asbestos fibers in the air can lead to a condition called asbestosis. The entire lining of the lungs becomes inflamed and swollen. It can make breathing difficult, labored, and painful at times. You end up feeling like you cannot take in enough air, become sluggish, and constantly fatigued. It can cause unexpected fits of coughing. It begins to build up scar tissue in the lungs. The only way to the progression of this ailment is to remove the asbestos from your Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County environment.

Immune System Compromise

Flooding of your immune system with germs, bacteria, and other harmful things happen every day. It always stays ready to fight off things that can cause illness and depletion of the bodies energy reserves. Placing yourself in an environment filled with asbestos particles in the air is asking for immune problems. Your immune system will be bombarded and become fatigued. It will eventually become overwhelmed, and you may begin to experience all types of frequent illnesses.


Mesothelioma is a rarely experienced type of cancer that settles on the lining of the chest cavity. It can affect both the lungs and heart. Typically caused by exposure to asbestos, it does not show noticeable symptoms for as many as 20-years after the exposure. Anyone in the Los Angeles County and surrounding areas can develop this dreaded disease from limited exposure. Mesothelioma is one reason you should never try and remediate asbestos yourself.

Lung Cancer

Cancerous tumors in the lungs are inevitable for anyone experiencing long-term exposure to high levels of asbestos. You should hire a professional remediation service like Tri-Span if you suspect there is asbestos in your business or home. Although there are excellent treatment centers in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, lung cancer still proves disturbingly fatal in many cases.

Contact the asbestos abatement specialists at Tri Span and get an estimate on complete removal of this harmful material today! We provide quality and safe abatement throughout the Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino County areas.

How to Safely Clean Soot and Smoke Smell After a Small Fire

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How to Safely Clean Soot and Smoke Smell After a Small Fire | Tri Span Environmental

House fires, whether large or small, can leave a massive amount of clean-up behind. The gritty, greasy feel and strong smoke odor can overwhelm the calmest individual. At times like these, all you want is to bring your life back to a normal state.

Use Adequate Protection

You need to guard your eyes, skin, and lungs against contact with soot after a fire. It can contain high levels of carcinogenic materials that lead to the development of cancer. No matter how small the fire in your Orange or Los Angeles County home was, wear proper protective gear before entering to clean the mess. Use a ventilator mask, gloves, and safety glasses. Make sure you have no substantial areas of exposed skin.

Knowing When to Call In Professional Help

A little bit of vinegar water and baking soda might help with the tiniest of stovetop fires, but the smoke odor can be utterly overwhelming with more massive fires. Walking on the floor can help grind soot deep into carpeting, making the damage much worse. The soot left over has an oily consistency and is hard to remove from many types of surfaces. Tri Span Environmental can come to your aid in Orange County and the Los Angeles County area.

Benefits of Environmental Specialist Smoke Damage Removal

Los Angeles and Orange County environmental specialists like Tri Span Environmental offer helpful services during a stressful time. The needed equipment and cleaners will remove the soot from the surface of the home and get rid of the odors. You can concentrate on getting the required repairs done without the hazards of the residue left behind.

Bringing Life Back to Normal

A backed up chimney or small kitchen fire can send soot and smoke billowing throughout your entire home. Trying to clean up the mess is overwhelming and can damage your health. Utilizing the knowledge of experienced environmental remediation specialists like Tri Span Environmental will put normalcy back into your life quicker and with less frustration. Salvaging as much of your property as possible is the goal.

Contact the smoke damage remediation specialists at Tri Span Environmental no matter how large or small the fire. We will help you put your Orange or Los Angeles County home back in order right away!

Improving Chemical Safety In the Workplace

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Improving Chemical Safety In the Workplace | Tri Span Environmental Cleanup

Workplace exposure and injury due to chemical hazards are not always preventable, but there are a few measures to take that can improve the outlook. Slight changes are effective when employed and used consistently. Below are a few ways to improve safety around dangerous chemicals.

Proper Use of Personal Protective Gear

Larger companies that deal with chemical hazards in the workplace have a system in place that requires employees to wear personal protective gear (PPG). Protective equipment is designed to keep the eyes, lungs, and skin from coming into contact with chemicals that cause burns, irritations, or have lethal side effects. Medium to smaller sized companies in Orange and surrounding Counties would do well to initiate rules that require the use of PPG when coming into contact with a hazardous chemical, no matter how fleeting the instance.

Workplace Safety Training and Administrative Controls

Lowering the incidences of workplace exposure and injury from hazardous chemicals requires taking a look at the current system in place and looking for needed improvements. Hiring an Orange County service that are experts in hazardous materials is one way to get this done efficiently. You will get a complete assessment that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the current handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. You can make needed upgrades and changes based on professional advisement.

Substitute Hazardous Chemicals

Getting together with Orange County specialists is one way to move towards the possibilities of substituting hazardous chemicals for others that are equally effective, but pose less risk. Combining substitution with better handling and storage methods can improve the safety of your business measurably. Always stay aware of the ingredients of every item that comes to your business. There are industrial cleaners that can be highly toxic. Switching to a more natural product is the most straightforward solution.

Construct Added Safety Features

There are construction methods available that go beyond the requirements of Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County EPA or OSHA rules and regulations. Utilizing the knowledge and skills of a contractor that is familiar with hazardous chemicals and how to make the environment safe is your most potent ally in creating a safer workplace.

Get with the experts at Tri Span for all of your environmental and chemical hazard needs in Orange and all surrounding Counties today!

Tri Span Environmental Does Demolition Right

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Tri Span Environmental Does Demolition Right | Victorville General Contractor

Every construction renovation starts with its opposite: demolition. The tearing down of old walls, roof-lines, and foundations many sound like a simple and straightforward task, even if it involves a lot of heavy lifting and effort.

In reality, doing demolition the right way is quite a bit more complicated and involved. The risks of not doing it right are the potential for ongoing contamination of the building, contributing to pollution of the environment, and possible fines for improper disposal of construction waste and debris, some of which is hazardous.

Proper Disposal of Debris During Demolition

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, installing an addition, repairing damage after mold infestation, or renovating after a house fire, demolition is the first step in almost every construction project. Before the new can come in, the old must be taken out and hauled away.

No matter how small a repair project, there is almost always a need for taking out old sheetrock, replacing siding or roofing, removing hazardous materials like asbestos, or hauling away unwanted fixtures and appliances. Each of these materials has its own optimum procedure for proper recycling or disposal. There are also strict local laws and regulations governing the disposal and recycling of certain building materials, especially hazardous waste.

Not all waste disposal facilities accept all construction debris materials. Wood products can sometimes be composted and turned into landscape and garden mulch. Old refrigerators, stoves, fire damaged TV sets and computers, and other metal and electronic devices must be recycled through a proper scrap metal recycling facility. Hazardous materials like asbestos must be disposed of at authorized facilities.

Removing demolition waste from a construction site can also be dangerous. Dust and falling debris must be secured with heavy tarps when transported demolition debris on trucks. Waste disposal bins delivered to job sites need to be placed where they are accessible to workers but protected from unauthorized use, accidents, and obstruction of parking areas and roadways.

Construction demolition also creates dust. Controlling this dust by sealing off work areas with plastic or using negative air pressure ventilation systems makes the demolition phase faster and cleaner. Nails and other fasteners dislodged during demolition are another hazard. Attention to sweeping the job site frequently and the use of magnetic sweeping equipment are part of how demolition experts control this problem.

Tri Span Environmental has the trained personnel, special equipment, and local knowledge for conducting safe and proper demolition on your building project.

The First Step in Remediation at Tri Span Environmental

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The First Step in Remediation at Tri Span Environmental | Orange County Contractor

Tri Span Environmental is a leader among Southern California building remediation businesses. As experts in the field, Tri Span Environmental specialists know removal of hazardous materials from a building starts with complete containment of the toxic materials within the worksite area.

The Dangers of Contaminants

Containment of dust and debris is the first step in the complex process of removing asbestos, lead paint, mold, and fire-damaged components from a building. Protecting people from air-borne hazards and dust contamination during a remediation project is the highest priority for Tri Span Environmental on every job. In many situations, containment of dust and debris from the remediation area can be done while normal use goes on in other parts of the building.

Hazardous materials containment methods used by Tri Span Environmental in Los Angeles and Orange counties include setting up polyethylene barriers around the remediation site, closing vents and other openings with plastic sheeting and duct tape, and using HEPA filters and negative air pressure equipment for preventing dust infiltration into adjacent areas. Workers wear protective suits, gloves, and masks as needed and take steps to prevent hazardous dust and debris from entering living areas on shoes and when transporting debris off site for disposal.

Remediation & Cleanup Services

Inside the containment area on a remediation project, air filters and pumps keep fresh air moving in and hazardous dusts fibers from moving out. Once the remediation site is contained within a protective barrier, specialized vacuum cleaners designed for use with hazardous fibers and dust are used by Tri Span Environmental as part of the decontamination step.

Containment of hazardous materials is the foundation step in removal of asbestos, lead paint, and mold from any building. If not done correctly, dust and particles from the contaminated building materials can cause continuing problems and toxic exposure in the reconstructed building. Installing the proper hazardous material containment system is the first step on every Tri Span Environmental remediation project.