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How to Prevent Mold in the Winter

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How to Prevent Mold in the Winter | Tri Span Environmental

Mold prevention can seem a bit harder when the air is cooler and the rain is more frequent. It seems like everything begins to feel damp and smell musty. Below are a few ways you can reduce your chances of developing a mold problem.
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5 Things to Keep Handy In Preparation of a Hazardous Spill

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5 Things to Keep Handy In Preparation of a Hazardous Spill | Tri Span Environmental

Running a fast-paced Los Angeles area business can seem exciting, but it can prove stressful if you handle, store, or use hazardous materials and there is an unexpected spill. At Tri Span Environmental, we understand how stressful these events can be and work hard to alleviate the problem quickly. Below are a few things to keep handy that will make this unpleasant experience less anxiety-filled.

Internal Spill Management Personnel Phone Numbers

Most Orange County area businesses that handle hazardous materials have a protocol in place for dealing with a spill. More than one person is normally delegated to dealing with the details, reporting the necessary information to the required agencies, and gather all facts for internal company record keeping. Make sure you have the phone numbers for these individuals, including after-hours contact information.

Emergency Agency Numbers

You will need to have the local Los Angeles or Orange County fire department come out to help handle containment of large spills. Check that all employees are safe and unharmed. Request an ambulance if you have any doubts.

Paperwork of All Hazardous Materials

Keep the paperwork on all hazardous materials located at your business in a handy location. It will prove useful to show to emergency personnel and a hazmat cleanup crew.

Caution Tape

A large roll of bright yellow caution tape is a must-have item to keep in your office. You can cordon off a wide area to keep anyone from entering the immediate area of a hazardous material spill. It will limit foot traffic to emergency and cleanup crew personnel only.

Notebook for Witness Statements

Take witness statements as early in the event as possible. Memories tend to fade after an event, and you need to gather all the facts you can for internal review. Make sure you have complete names and dates.

Contact Tri Span Environmental if you have experienced a hazardous material spill at your business. We offer fast, affordable services and handle spills throughout the San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles County area.

Minimize Environmental Cleanup Ramifications in Orange County With Tri Span

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Minimize Environmental Cleanup Ramifications in Orange County With Tri Span

Environmental cleanup isn’t nice or pretty but it’s necessary. Tri Span is an environmental cleanup organization based out of the Orange County region that lives to serve and educate others on how best to clean up substances that present a danger to others. read more →

Health Effects of Black Mold

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Health Effects of Black Mold | Orange County Hazardous Waste Removal

Black mold, also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum to scientists, can become toxic when releasing its spores. The release of spores occurs when it feeds on organic materials including carpet, drywall, insulation, and subflooring that has received exposure to moisture. If these spores are inhaled or ingested, a myriad of unpleasant or dangerous symptoms could be the result. read more →

How to Find Asbestos in Your Home or Business

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How to Find Asbestos in Your Home or Business | Orange Country Environment

Health experts call asbestos the silent killer, and with good reason. Often found in structures built before 1980, asbestos was once hailed as a miracle substance, one that prevented thousands of potentially hazardous fires. Over time, however, evidence began to mount that asbestos was worse than the problem it sought to cure. Medical experts have linked it to thousands of cases of lung cancer and similar diseases across the country. While the effects of asbestos exposure may take decades to show themselves, when they do surface the results are often tragic. read more →

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

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How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home | Tri Span Environmental

Mold is one of the most common threats to both human health and your household. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also cause objectionable odors, promote the spread of germs, and aggravate asthma and allergies. read more →

The Dangers behind Lead Paint

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The Dangers behind Lead Paint | Tri Span Environmental Safety

As a homeowner, you do everything possible to protect your family. Some of the dangers to their well-being are easy to spot. Others, however, are not so obvious. One of these is lead paint. Once a common household item, it’s now recognized as a leading cause of developmental disorders in children. Regrettably, most of the public is unaware of the dangers these toxins pose to growing minds and bodies. read more →

Common Household Fire Hazards

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Common Household Fire Hazards | Orange County Environmental Remediation

As Fall approaches and temperatures decline, people begin to retreat indoors. It is during this time that household fires increase. We at Tri Span Environmental, located in Orange County, California, would like to provide you with safety tips to avoid the most common sources of household fire hazards.

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Is Asbestos Still a Danger in Your Home or Business?

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Is Asbestos Still a Danger in Your Home or Business

For many people, asbestos seems like a distant threat – something that was solved decades ago and is no longer a problem, or a construction issue that only plagues public buildings like old schools. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous generalization because asbestos can still be present in a number of materials, both residential and commercial alike.

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