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Tri Span Does Lead Removal in Orange County | Construction Contractors

Lead poisoning is a serious problem, which is why Tri Span is serious about environmental cleanup in the Orange County area. Lead poisoning harms around 3 million workers in their workplaces and job sites according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Importance of Orange County Lead Paint Removal

Many Orange County people are not aware that society has known about the risks of lead to the human body for over thousands of years. Sadly, despite this knowledge lead has frequently been used in many construction industries for its beneficial properties which have resulted in exposure to not only workers but also those most vulnerable in the form of infants and children.

Tri Span is an Orange County contractor that really cares about its clients. Tri Span uses its professional wealth of knowledge and experience to help protect clients and the interests of the clients by providing top notch technology and methods for use in remediation of lead contamination from residential and commercial properties.

Tri Span’s efforts in the Orange County area to counteract lead contamination can range from simple acts like removing lead dusted blinds and window frames or lead pipes from a building to removing lead dust and chips from the soil using processes like vapor extraction. It may seem a simple or small thing to start these processes but to do so safely can require complex steps best performed by professionals like Tri Span’s crews.

Health Impacts of Lead Contamination in Orange County

Lead contamination is known to heavily impact internal organs and nervous systems, particularly developing systems such as those found in younger humans. There is no defined safe amount of lead to come into contact with, and therefore any indication of lead is grounds for contacting a professional and getting a site assessment. It is also necessary to check local Orange County ordinances for changes as regulation with regard to contamination levels has become increasingly stricter.

Tri Span has Orange County experts who deal with lead removal on an ongoing daily basis. Because of the frequent jobs requiring sensitive operations with regard to isolation and extraction of hazardous materials, Tri Span has accumulated a history of satisfied clients who are also safe clients. Tri Span’s efforts protect clients and the public who interact with the properties of the clients from not only litigation but from further contamination by poisons like lead.

Avoid the risk of poisoning caused by lead contamination, let Tri Span do the Orange County environmental cleanup.