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Tri Span Offers Tips for Asbestos Presence in Los Angeles | Home Safety

Modern technology is often a marvel of science and application. Sometimes in an effort to move too fast for the benefit of Los Angeles society, effects of modern applications to scenarios such as new build developments and modifications of existing buildings are detrimental to society. Asbestos is one such example and in highly urban area settings such as Los Angeles, it is potentially everywhere.

Awareness of Asbestos in Los Angeles County Buildings

Often the first awareness of asbestos’ presence in a building is when a person dislodges the fibers through drilling, cutting or demolishing a section of an existing structure. Before making changes to an old Los Angeles County structure, it’s best to have it studied to find out if there’s any risk. Old plans from government records or libraries are useful to find this information. Or if no information exists, Tri Span’s teams can examine the property as well.

Tri Span maintains a strong, skilled crew with expert management professionals in the Los Angeles region. Tri Span professionals are at the service of their clients and offer their knowledge to assist customers.

Some general indicators of asbestos presence prior to making building changes can include the following items: thin walls with good insulation, popcorn type internal ceilings, older floor tiles and or the presence of false flocking in ducts and false ceilings.

Dangers in Los Angeles County from Hazardous Asbestos

Unexpected events like earthquakes and fires can cause health problems via violent unplanned exposures to asbestos. Fire, in particular, is a horrid occurrence when asbestos is present in  Los Angeles County buildings. Even with asbestos flame resistant properties the effects of fire burned asbestos are of great concern.

If a property consists of older buildings from modern times not subjected to current building codes, it would be a very smart action to have an assessment for risk and removal by a company like Tri Span in the Los Angeles asbestos abatement business.

Some Los Angeles asbestos removal can be costly but when proper ordinances are not followed, when licenses are not secured and when proper isolation procedures have not implemented the cost of the project will be awful and pocket emptying.

Asbestos abatement isn’t just a matter of money; it’s a matter of health and regulation. Make sure the Los Angeles expert chosen to secure the premise against asbestos contamination has the right licenses, the best-qualified people, and the most experienced management with both skills and knowledge. Make sure the contractor is Tri Span.