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Tri Span Orange County Mold Remediation Services | Environmental Cleanup

Regarding Orange County mold remediation, the best way to go is hiring a professional mold removal service. The company will come to your home or business wearing protective equipment and clothing while working on mold remediation. They’ll determine what type of equipment, as well as protective gear is necessary depending on how much mold is present. Companies like Tri Span work with homes and businesses throughout Orange County and the surrounding area on services such as this.

Containment of Mold Spores

During remediation, the Orange County professionals will seal off the room where the mold is present to prevent spores from spreading throughout other areas of the building or home. They’ll also seal off other openings, as well as ventilation systems found in the room. Otherwise, the spores will spread as soon as these areas are opened back up.

Mold Removal

Because mold is stirring up in the air during removal, the professional Orange County mold remediation crew will use sprayers to encapsulate dry particles. They’ll also kill mold spores using industrial strength cleaning solutions to prevent future growth from occurring. It may be necessary to cut significant growth out of sheetrock if severe damage is present. The professional team will assess all damage before making this decision.

Final Cleanup

After each of the surfaces receive a thorough wash down, the Orange County cleanup crew will come in and use an HEPA filtration system to vacuum the rest of the mold spores from the area with continents. That way, nothing is settling onto the surfaces, and no future growth occurs. The highly trained professionals at Tri Span Environmental Cleanup work diligently to restore Orange County homes and businesses to their original construction when performing mold remediation services. That way, owners can rest easy knowing that they’re breathing clean air in a clean environment.