Tri Span Top Notch Environmental Cleanup for Orange County | Construction Contractor

Tri Span provides top notch environmental cleanup services to the Orange County area. From small jobs to mind-bogglingly big, from odd jobs to ordinary, Tri Span handles them all. When environmental hazards make the news, Tri Span is there to help. Even when events aren’t large enough to make the news but are still big enough to impact the personal lives of those working or residing on a property, Tri Span is readily available to assist the community with clean up and securing the location for future continued use.

Orange County has a reputation for beauty and a high standard of appreciation for environmental protection. Tri Span helps residents and businesses with that legacy by providing clean up of lead, asbestos and mold. Not only cities such as Pasadena but also banks, military bases, and hospitals have trusted Tri Span with returning contaminated locations to pristine safety.

Orange County Health Hazards & Home Safety

Small hazards that make for big concerns for family and children include lead paint and paint chips, which Tri Span handles. Since Orange County is part of an earthquake prone area natural disasters are also a part of the area’s cultural identity. Tri Span’s crews are experienced at executing quick, professional cleanups for quake-caused environmental hazards. Don’t let the shock of surviving dangerous situations leave people exposed to life-threatening materials. Call Tri Span, Orange County’s premier environmental cleanup expert, to task with cleaning up hazardous waste.

Tri Span cleans out classrooms, homes, offices and historical buildings by removing asbestos; lead contaminated fixtures and furnishings while keeping the integrity of the location intact. The company is also adept at working within contracted time constraints, for example, cleaning out and restoring a school location during hours vacated by students and finishing the job in time for students and staff to return to their normal schedule without disruption.