What to Do Right After Ventura Fires & Prevent Smoke Damage

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What to Do Right After Ventura Fire to Prevent Smoke Damage | Tri Span Hazard Cleanup

Experiencing a fire in your home is one of the more stressful events in life. After the flames are out, and the fire engines leave, it is time to begin assessing the damage and determine how to get life back to normal. Below are a few things you should do right after a fire.

Call Your Insurance Company

Fires in the home are all-too-common in the Ventura and Southern California area. The first call you want to make is to the agency over your home insurance. They can take the time to let you know if there is coverage for cleanup and rebuilding. You can find out how many items your insurance policy covers and to what extent. The knowledge of what you will try and salvage and throw away proves helpful in the cleanup process.

Hire a Professional Smoke and Fire Damage Service

Seek out a Ventura area contractor that handles smoke and fire damage. Find a service that has been in business for a while and carries an excellent reputation for fast and reliable service. The magnitude of work involved in restoring a home after a fire is enormous. You can save yourself the hassle, make the job move along quicker, and get positive end-results safely by utilizing the services of genuine professionals in the field.

Secure Property and Shut Down Electricity to the Affected Area

Make sure that all of your valuables like jewelry stay with you if you have to vacate the home for cleaning and repair. Find a way to seal all doors when damaged by fire. You do not want to return and find many of your personal belongings gone. Check with your Ventura neighbors and see if they will be willing to help look after your home at the times you are away.

Limit Movement Inside

Walking around in the home after a fire is not a good idea. Some areas may be compromised and unsafe to be in until repaired. There will be smoke and soot coating everything. Walking will help this material become airborne and get ground into flooring. It makes the problem worse.

Toss Out Any Foods Near the Flames

Small kitchen fires are a frequent event. Fire damage may render the appliances unworkable. Pull any frozen and chilled items from the refrigerator and try to prop the appliance open. Throw out any packaged and canned foods that were close to the fire. The heat may have rendered them inedible.

Contact Tri Span for help cleaning up and repairing damage after a fire. We are available 24/7 to assist anyone in the Ventura area.