Why Lead Paint Removal Is the Best Option

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Why Lead Paint Removal Is the Best Option | Long Beach Environmental

It might surprise you that lead paint is still being detected in Long Beach homes since it was banned decades ago. It’s a situation that should be taken seriously if you have children or elderly family members in the home. At Tri Span Environmental, we remedy the situation quickly so you can go on with life.

Ongoing Dangers of Lead

Lead isn’t a product that becomes less toxic over time. Even though the use of lead paint was banned in the United States in 1978, it’s still found in older homes on a fairly regular basis. Lead dust can contaminate the air inside your home and it can infiltrate the soil on the outside. It’s difficult to deal with if it remains in and around your Long Beach home.

Covering the Problem Is Not a Permanent Solution

You can find products on the market that promise to help you contain lead without much effort. At best, it’s only a temporary solution. At worst, it fails to adequately provide a barrier between you and the lead paint, leaving your family unaware of the dangers. Not dealing with the problem in a permanent way is why you are dealing with the issue now. Someone before you opted to find a way to cover rather than remove. It’s worth the investment o have it removed completely.

One Missed Area Leaves You and Your Family Exposed

If you choose to use a barrier method, remember that missing one small area will leave your family vulnerable to the lead dust that escapes out into the air. Lead poisoning is a problem that can take years to manifest. Any children, pets, or the elderly in your Long Beach home will suffer the most. Are you prepared to take that risk?

Use a Certified Environmental Specialist for Removal

Professional remediation of lead paint is a specialized process that requires equipment and methods that are highly regulated. Make sure you hire an experienced and certified company like Tri Span Environmental to fully and legally remove the lead paint from your Long Beach home.

Contact us at Tri Span Environmental to get an estimate for fast and complete lead paint remediation. We provide lead paint removal services for the entire Long Beach area.