Why You Cannot Skip Steps In Santa Barbara Smoke Damage Restoration

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Why You Cannot Skip Steps In Santa Barbara Smoke Damage Restoration

The look of smoke damage in a home is apparent, but the smell of smoke is overwhelming. Without proper handling, cleaning, and deodorizing the scent can last for years. Below are the best steps to take to eliminate this problem.

Complete Smoke Odor Removal Requires a Complete Clean

The odor of smoke that lingers in a home after a fire can be unrelenting and robust. Every part and portion of the surface areas will need scrubbed and deodorized. All fabrics will need replaced or deep cleaned. Skipping any portion of the process will guarantee that the smell will linger. Tri Span Environmental will assist any Santa Barbara County resident completely remove tough smoke odors from home after a fire.

Apply an Odor Killing Paint Coat After Cleaning

Wood and drywall can absorb the smoke smell from fire and make it difficult to rid your home of the pungent odor completely. Cleaning off the soot is a step in the right direction, but the surface will have to be painted using an odor-killing paint to seal the absorbed smell. It is typically the same type of paint used to kill mold and found in all home improvement centers in Santa Barbara County.

Clean the Venting System

One area that needs attention after a Santa Barbara County house fire is the HVAC vents. Smoke odor and soot can coat the surface of the vents, and the scent will reappear once you fire up the heater or air conditioning unit. The professionals at Tri Span can thoroughly clean the surface to eliminate this problem.

Remove All Items Left to Clean Before Restoring the Room

You need to have all items like furniture, clothing, drapes, and carpeting removed before you complete the finishing touches of smoke damage cleanup inside the home. Have them taken to a storage area to await cleaning, or dispose of the items. Keeping them inside the house will allow the smoke smell to linger.

Contact the fire damage restoration specialists at Tri Span for all of your Santa Barbara County smoke odor removal needs today!