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Asbestos AbatementBy the mid-twentieth century, asbestos material was a wildly popular insulation option for its fire and heat resistance, sound proofing, strength, and overall affordability. The natural mineral took the construction world by storm, but by the 1990s, controversy over its negative health effects led to asbestos being outright banned in most countries.

When fibers from asbestos become airborne, frequent inhalation causes lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other deadly illnesses in humans exposed to the material. In fact, asbestos holds records for its extensive litigation in the American court system, resulting in countless ongoing lawsuits. Decades since its initial use, many homes and businesses in Southern California still house asbestos in their walls and floors, posing a significant threat to those who enter.

If you are taking on a construction project in or around the Los Angeles County or Orange County areas, Tri Span Environmental offers only the safest, most efficient services for assessing and removing asbestos on the property. Whether your construction site has experienced a fire, is undergoing an extensive remodel, or you are simply concerned that asbestos may be lurking behind its walls, call our expert professionals today.

Our trained personnel will safely evaluate the site, suggest the best method of removal, and will strictly abide by federal regulations for the utmost safety. When it comes to toxic materials, Tri Span Environmental specializes in speedy assessment and removal. Companies looking to jump start their demolition project or who experience an immediate emergency are encouraged to call our personnel about expediting the decontamination process. Although a Procedure 5 plan is often necessary for immediate situations where buildings are set for demolition, we help you prepare for AQMD review. We are a fully licensed company. It is important that we follow all safety laws to guarantee a hazard-free asbestos abatement.

Our Services Include:

  • A comprehensive survey of your property and consultation on your asbestos removal options.
  • Federal compliance with Procedure 5 plans when necessary.
  • Safe, quick removal of the building’s asbestos by our proficient team of experts.
  • Transportation and housing of the toxic material as per the law’s regulation.
  • Coordination with third party consultants to ensure lawful disposal of the asbestos.

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Whether you are a homeowner looking for a small removal project or a contractor facing an expansive contamination site, the team at Tri Span Environmental promises quality service and protection from the harmful effects of asbestos. For more information on our Southern California professionals, call us today.