4 Ways to Eliminate Mold in Your Home | Tri Span Environmental

The speed that a small amount of mold can grow into a huge problem is alarming. Keeping your Los Angeles County home clear of mold can be easier if you follow the four suggestions below.

Keep Outdoor Items Outdoors

A mold infestation in Orange County home begins with mold spores coming indoors. Mold can be found floating in the breeze almost anywhere outdoors and will attach to your clothing or items that are normally kept outside. Dragging outdoor patio chairs, flower pots, or yard toys can invite mold into the interior of the home. Once they have arrived, all they need is a quiet area to begin multiplying. Keep outdoor things outside, or wash them well when bringing them inside.

Use HEPA Filter Air Purification

The random mold spore that comes loose from your clothing or floats indoors can be caught and removed by good HEPA air filtration. Use quality HEPA vacuum filters, HVAC filters, and consider investing in HEPA air purification systems. It’s the best way to totally clean the air of mold spores.

Clean Up Wet Spills and Fix Plumbing Drips

Wet messes and small amounts of water leaking from drains and water pouts can add fuel to the problem of mold growth. If water drips down under flooring or behind walls, hidden areas of mold growth can happen completely unchecked in your San Bernardino home. You’ll never know the mold is there until the problem grows to a point it can be detected through smell. It can do tremendous damage in the meantime.

Maintain Good Airflow Throughout the House

Consistent use of ceiling fans and making sure your HVAC system is blowing properly will help in keeping air circulating. Air circulation makes it hard for mold spores to find a home and rest enough to grow. Air out items in the closets periodically to keep mold from forming in these darker areas of your Riverside County home.

Contact us at Tri-Span Environmental if your Los Angeles County area home has developed a problem with mold and mildew. We offer complete remediation to bring your home back to normal. Our technicians can remove the mold and replace any building materials for complete recovery.