How to Safely Clean Soot and Smoke Smell After a Small Fire | Tri Span Environmental

House fires, whether large or small, can leave a massive amount of clean-up behind. The gritty, greasy feel and strong smoke odor can overwhelm the calmest individual. At times like these, all you want is to bring your life back to a normal state.

Use Adequate Protection

You need to guard your eyes, skin, and lungs against contact with soot after a fire. It can contain high levels of carcinogenic materials that lead to the development of cancer. No matter how small the fire in your Orange or Los Angeles County home was, wear proper protective gear before entering to clean the mess. Use a ventilator mask, gloves, and safety glasses. Make sure you have no substantial areas of exposed skin.

Knowing When to Call In Professional Help

A little bit of vinegar water and baking soda might help with the tiniest of stovetop fires, but the smoke odor can be utterly overwhelming with more massive fires. Walking on the floor can help grind soot deep into carpeting, making the damage much worse. The soot left over has an oily consistency and is hard to remove from many types of surfaces. Tri Span Environmental can come to your aid in Orange County and the Los Angeles County area.

Benefits of Environmental Specialist Smoke Damage Removal

Los Angeles and Orange County environmental specialists like Tri Span Environmental offer helpful services during a stressful time. The needed equipment and cleaners will remove the soot from the surface of the home and get rid of the odors. You can concentrate on getting the required repairs done without the hazards of the residue left behind.

Bringing Life Back to Normal

A backed up chimney or small kitchen fire can send soot and smoke billowing throughout your entire home. Trying to clean up the mess is overwhelming and can damage your health. Utilizing the knowledge of experienced environmental remediation specialists like Tri Span Environmental will put normalcy back into your life quicker and with less frustration. Salvaging as much of your property as possible is the goal.

Contact the smoke damage remediation specialists at Tri Span Environmental no matter how large or small the fire. We will help you put your Orange or Los Angeles County home back in order right away!