Improving Chemical Safety In the Workplace | Tri Span Environmental Cleanup

Workplace exposure and injury due to chemical hazards are not always preventable, but there are a few measures to take that can improve the outlook. Slight changes are effective when employed and used consistently. Below are a few ways to improve safety around dangerous chemicals.

Proper Use of Personal Protective Gear

Larger companies that deal with chemical hazards in the workplace have a system in place that requires employees to wear personal protective gear (PPG). Protective equipment is designed to keep the eyes, lungs, and skin from coming into contact with chemicals that cause burns, irritations, or have lethal side effects. Medium to smaller sized companies in Orange and surrounding Counties would do well to initiate rules that require the use of PPG when coming into contact with a hazardous chemical, no matter how fleeting the instance.

Workplace Safety Training and Administrative Controls

Lowering the incidences of workplace exposure and injury from hazardous chemicals requires taking a look at the current system in place and looking for needed improvements. Hiring an Orange County service that are experts in hazardous materials is one way to get this done efficiently. You will get a complete assessment that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the current handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. You can make needed upgrades and changes based on professional advisement.

Substitute Hazardous Chemicals

Getting together with Orange County specialists is one way to move towards the possibilities of substituting hazardous chemicals for others that are equally effective, but pose less risk. Combining substitution with better handling and storage methods can improve the safety of your business measurably. Always stay aware of the ingredients of every item that comes to your business. There are industrial cleaners that can be highly toxic. Switching to a more natural product is the most straightforward solution.

Construct Added Safety Features

There are construction methods available that go beyond the requirements of Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County EPA or OSHA rules and regulations. Utilizing the knowledge and skills of a contractor that is familiar with hazardous chemicals and how to make the environment safe is your most potent ally in creating a safer workplace.

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