Soot Does Not Suit, Tri Span Environmental Can Help | Orange Country Tri Span

One of the issues dealt with during clean up after fire damage is the removal of soot. Soot is a by-product caused by incomplete combustion of fuel during a fire. Southern Californian residents who make their homes in Orange County and Los Angeles County, both regions Tri Span Environmental services, can be exposed to soot in primarily two ways.

Common Exposure to Soot

Soot particles can be found in the air when inefficient unfiltered diesel engines emit carbon particles, which may show on buildings, homes or structures exposed to air shared with freeways and highways. Tri Span can clean up building appearances and restore details of external facades in these situations, but the company’s specialty remains restoration of the second more common scenario.

The more likely situation that Southern California residents will experience is when a fire disaster occurs on site at a home or business. Fires can happen as a result of earthquakes, arson or accidents. Tri Span Environmental’s solution to fire damage is restoration by quality clean up and hazard removal services using the company’s service contractors and practiced professional experts.

Restoration & Cleanup After Home Fires

During the process of restoring a site to its original appearance after a fire, immense cleaning efforts are needed to remove soot and ash from walls, floors, and ceilings. Cleaning fire residue completely also requires the contractor delve deeper than surface areas to reach affected locations such as air ducts, vents, and registers. Removing smells from a damaged location also require checking the machinery that might have been damaged by fire such as those found in climate control equipment like air conditioners.

Appliances with air intakes, such as washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers, once exposed to fire can also require extensive cleaning. Soot and ash can find their way into the smallest of areas and leave a large, costly and long-lasting impact upon residents and businesses after the fire is contained and removed. Tri Span Environmental provides a variety of services to California customers for environmental and hazard clean up efforts. This means that the company is well prepared, practiced and licensed with the appropriate agencies and authorities at the local, state and federal levels.

Residents and businesses in the Orange and Los Angeles Counties can rely upon Tri Span Environmental’s qualifications, professional experience, and specialized tools to properly complete any site restoration and clean up for residential, commercial or industrial properties. Tri Span Environmental is prepared for the job.