Tri Span Presents a Basic Overview of How and When Mold Contamination Starts

Tri Span, a company that offers premier services in environmental cleanup for the Orange County region, specializes in mold recognition. From the beginning of a mold’s growth cycle to the extermination of every last little trace of fungi, Tri Span’s clean up crews can identify every sign of contamination as well as the proper clean up procedure and regulations.

Because Tri Span is such an expert in environmental cleanup, Tri Span is qualified to guide others recognizing the best way to grow mold. The following items are key to identifying your property’s mold colony and whether or not a problem exists.

Identifying At-Risk Building Materials

If a property has had any new builds or modifications to existing structures, what kinds of building materials were used? Many of the modern buildings use materials like concrete for foundations, accents, boundaries, and decorations. Exterior and interior construction jobs all use concrete. How long did the concrete mixtures cure for after installed?

If concrete was rushed and improper curing protocol was followed, then mold spores can settle easily in these areas. Fortunately, Tri Span has the necessary tools and skills to get into these hard to reach areas to eradicate mold spores and growth.

Mold Concerns From Increased Moisture

Has the region been receiving precipitation recently? Increased quantities of moisture foster the growth of mold in situations such as leaky roofs or flooding.

Flooding can also come from other sources such as water lines or sewage lines breaking. In an apartment or condo complex, another tenant’s water leaks or habits can easily create mold friendly growth locations by dripping through ceilings or spreading through the drywall.

Wet spots on surfaces not associated with water use, blistering of paint, bulging in areas that are supposed to be smooth, bowing or warping of wood and shading of black or green can all indicate water’s past or current presence.

Pay Attention to Possible Symptoms

If upon moving into or visiting a new location that has experienced exposure to moisture, a person experiences asthmatic symptoms or signs of irritation to the sinuses and eyes then the presence of mold should be checked for by an expert with the right tools, like Tri Span.

Tri Span is an expert environmental cleanup company that services the Orange County region. They have the best people, the right tools and a wealth of experience all available for the benefit of their client’s health and property.